I'm taking a break for the time being. Still committed to finishing my cardies.


Full Frontal

This is a G rated frontal shot. It's a little fuzzy. I'm 60% done! I estimate that by the end of the month the cable cardi should be done and in time to wear for T-day.

I'm thinking of making another jacket, it would be for my SIL, it's something she would love. The project is quick so it won't take too much time awat from my other projects. Btw, got rave reviews yesterday when I wore the jacket. People love the tie closure.

I went to Pacific Fabrics today and saw this beautiful wool tweed fabric in red, perfect for a blazer or skirt, aarghh, it is $35.00 a yard!!! Not as bad as the Burberry fabric I saw for $55.00 a yard. Looks like their next sale is Thanksgiving weekend, and I won't be in town for it.


I'm so connected

Internet connection back up. Woo woo!

Here's my weekend side project. All you Phildar lover's out there do you recognize it? That's right it's from the fall magazine. I decided not to use buttons but ties instead, and it turned out rather nicely. It's very thick and warm. What yarn did I use? cheapo Homespun-- double strand. If you don't like Homespun, it's not my favorite, either. I saw some Stahl Falkland at Elann. Looks like it would be another good substitute to Astrakan.

I knitted the jacket with size 13 form my Denise Intercheangable Needles. I'm falling out of love with these. Does anyone else have a problem with the needles being too short? It gets uncomfortable to knit with them after a while, especially when you are doing and all day knitting marathon like I did. Hard to hold because the connector rest at the edge of my palms and they get bent out of shape causing the yarn to snag.



Was so excited this weekend to have finished a project. It was on size 13 needles, so I thought I could finish in two day. And I did! Took my pictures, uploaded the camera, was about to get my pictures on line... and wouldn't you know it the internet connection is kaput (Damn you, Comcast!), on top of that the computer was acting like it has the flu. So slow it's ridiculous. I can't show my side project.

On a happier note there is a new Phildar pattern at the website. Looks very similar to ChicKnit's Ribby .

My comment board provider is on hiatus, I think. I don't know, they said they are getting a new server and that was announced in early September. Feel free to use the tagboard.



I'm really into Phildar patterns. The website has free patterns, and looks like they change oftern. Look for the "modeles gratuits" link on the right side. In addition to the main site they have a webzine with more free patterns. Look for the link on the right that reads "espace tricot." Oh, some of these patterns are from their magazines. It's an issue if you don't know french at all. I can understand a minimal amount and comprehend some of the instructions. If it's too complex I use this. Yarnageddon had this link on her site the other day. This should solve any language issues.

In knitting news, I started the front pieces for the stripe cardi. It's kind of a hassle since I am knitting both at once and there is a multitude of yarn to deal with. The striping, the doubling of yarn, etc. The cable cardi is going well. I am almost to the armhole shaping for the front pieces. I haven't timed myself knitting the cables but noticed that while watching tv and doing the pattern it takes a looong time to start and finish the sixteen rows of the pattern. More than a 45 minutes. Not complaining since I'm happy with how it's turning out. I love cabling! Since we are on the topic of cable knits I love the sweater fluffa has made.

I found this cool site. Something to bookmark.


Kind of perturbed

What have I been doing last week? I don't know. Got some knitting done. Was feeling under the weather. Good advice: Don't knit under the influence of strong cold medication. I had to rip out about 12 rows of the cable cardi last week. Was on a roll after ribbing 7 inches of the front pieces and wanted to start cabling right away...bad idea. Lost count due to being a little loopy from Thera-flu.

I feel the need to whine a little. Sometimes it's nice to give credit where credit is due. That felt good. :-) Okay, I'm done. Won't mention it again.



I really have been knitting. Take a look.

What's the deal with cable needles? A double pointed needle is perfectly fine for cable knitting. I don't like the bend of the cable needle it makes it hard to slide the stitches to the front of the needle to knit. It slows you down. The straight double pointed needle slides right down your hands with a push of the forefinger.



I've been busy knitting away on both cardies. Just noticed this morning that I did not cast off enough stitches for the stripe cardi, you guessed it, have to rip out twelve rows and start the armhole shaping over. That'll teach me to count and re-count stitches.


Picture this

It's show and tell time. Am now using my internet provider's photo storage account. Didn't even know I could get one. The price they charge for high speed connection I definitely deserve some bells and whistles. I was able to copy my photos from photonavy and relocate them to the new account. Photonavy is a great idea...but demand has exceeded supply.

The links in this weeks entries should work properly now. However, if you don't have time right at this moment to re-read my chatter then look over at the side bar, if you haven't alreay, most of the new projects are there. :->

Here is a peek at stripe cardi.

I painted our TV stand today, small little thing, and I can't believe it took so long! Guess how long, you'll never guess. Six hours, that's right, six hours. And I thought a couple of hours for sanding, priming, and painitng should do it. Ha! The piece has carved legs, the tops is framed with a raised border, yeah, lots of nooks and crannies to sand and paint. Note to self: use an electric sander on next painting project, or forgo the sanding, just prime and paint.

The kiddies are here this weekend. The older one is a bundle of energy. He's so fun. His mom tells us that he loves to watch the Food Network. A two year old who is into cooking is way cool.


Problem lingers

Still no photos. Darn it, I wanted to post photos of the stripe cardi. It's coming along so nicely. I'm almost to the armhole. Of course, all this attention to the stripe cardi means no time on the cable cardi. I should really work on both at the same time to extend the projects. Both projects are fun, but when I get into a project I really like it's hard to focus on other projects. This includes a neglect of the penny rug.


Mystery solved

Here's the reason my pictures are gone. I sensed that this was too good to last.

Yea, a successful night of knitting. Striping along nicely now. The cardi is really fun, striping makes for quick knitting.


The magic number is 4

Swatched all night, and I believe size 4 is the one. Will try my luck by casting on tonight.

Wassup with my pictures?! I'll work on it. Is this the curse of "nothing for nothing"? I'm referring to free hosting as spotty, unreliable service. Free is free, right?

The music industry is suing p2p users...uh oh. Should I worry?



that about sums up my mood today. Darn pictures won't show up on this site!

Swatching Phildar Licorne also gets a big "grrr" from me. Got the needle size they recommended for stripe cardi, and wouldn't you know it, I can't seem to get the correct gauge. I tried US size 3, and no luck. This means I have to go up to size 4. More swatching...argh.


Plum Crazy

I've gone plum crazy

Wow, last week flew by fast. There goes my plan to post at least once a week...oops.

Here are some reasons why I haven't posted.

Starting a new sweater.

Making a penny rug.

Playing with my new toy

On Saturday, yarn for the stripe cardie arrived from Holland. Yippee! Naturally, being the ever-patient person (pausing to laugh) I waited a whole day before starting this project.

I am seeing an unintentional motif in my knitting. Can you spot it? That's right, cardigans. Just call me a cardi girl. Okay, there was the ChicKami...

As I'm working on the cable cardigan I realize that I much prefer cable instructions describing the direction of the cable twist, as in left or right, rather than the placement of the stitches, you know, front or back. Also, I don't care for charted cable patterns, I prefer it be written. This must be because I learned cable knitting from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting books.

Non-knitting news...Sunday's NYTimes has a listing of the Fall and Winter movies. Look on the right side under the heading titled Release Schedule.



I sent this to my English friend, however, she didn't find it funny. Maybe it's because she reads the Sun.
For all you Anglophiles out there...

Prime Minister:
I know exactly who reads the papers.
The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country.
The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country.
The Times is read by people who actually do run the country.
The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country.
The Financial Times is read by people who own the country.
The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country.
The Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it already is.

Sir Humphrey:
Prime Minister, what about people who read the Sun?

Sun readers don't care who runs the country as long as she's got big tits.

Why I like Germany...Kinder Uberraschung. Sure, you can get these eggs in other countries but the toys inside are not the same high quality ones you get if bought in Germany. Germans make the best candy! Here are some other delicious empty calories: Haribo, Ritter sport (cornflake for me, please), Kinder Schokolade and Katjes' Fred Ferkel.

While lurking through several blogs today I discovered this funny guy.


One last task

Just need to sew the buttons on the sweater and c'est fini. I'm happy with how it came out. The last cardigan I made was not so good. Using the raglan top-down method I attempted to knit a cardigan of my own design. It came out unshapely, heavy and the color was icky. The color is ecru in low light but in daylight it’s this tea-stain yellow that reminds me of a smoker’s teeth (gross!).

The diamond check pattern of stockinette and seed stitches was easy. The pattern made for quick knitting; I flew threw the back and sleeves which usually drag on and on for me. My procrastination kept me from finishing the sweater sooner because I finished all the pieces in early July then left it in the basket until last week. Well, I did run out of yarn and the LYS didn’t carry it so there was a wait for the remaining yarn.

Drum roll...

As I mentioned earlier I found someone who sells all the yarn needed to make the Phildar stripe cardigan. Nathalie of Breiweb will be sending me the yarn later this week! She is also sending me needles. I noticed there are no US equivalent for sizes 2.5 cm and 3 cm. A fourth of a centimeter may not make much difference but I felt like splurging.

Speaking of needles…found these for 25 cents!

Finally, I got rid of blogExtra’s blog back. Dang, it was unreliable. I am now using a tag board located on the sidebar. Drop me a note if you wish. :-}


Found Phildar

Breiweb does deliver to the US and they accept paypal!

Didn’t get the collar done last night. Only half an inch left to knit before I bind off.


Almost Done

I'm this close to finishing Nancy. Aahhh. The satisfaction of a completed project. I'm at work knitting the collar. Hope to have it done tonight.

This weekend I won a bid for this dress form. I've been looking for one for a while.

Been resisting ebay because I was hoping to find a it at a thrift store. No such luck. And I was getting tired of trekking around the local thrift stores every weekend. Finally gave in and went to ebay.

Also, I have been searching like crazy to find Phildar yarn for this beauty. I was attempting to translate the pattern this weekend. My French is tres rusty but I was able comprehend a good portion of it. Thank you Anna for the complete translation. Just found it today. Anna mentioned that there is interest in a knitalong. Just need to locate the yarn. There is a Dutch site that carries the Phildar yarn. I'm waiting to hear from them about shipping to the US. In my search I found Phildar's Webzine. There are some free patterns but didn't find any I like. I prefer the company site where the cardi pattern was listed.

Here's a another picture of the stripe cardigan. In this photo you can see the variegation in the Plaisance yarn.


Easy peasy!

Hooray! I finished ChicKami and one of the skirts. The skirt was tres simple. The project was 4 hours from cut to finish. Also working on the pleated skirt. It's sewing up much faster than the first skirt beacuse I don't have to line up the herringbone. The first skirt was cut at a diagonal, and lining up the front center seam was slow going.

ChicKami was fun. I calculated my pattern for a 32" finished measurement and shortened it by 2". There is lots of the Linen Drape left. I was thinking knitting the pattern again with a v-front. Wondering how to calculate the stitches get the desired pattern...hmmm.

Believe it or not I am trying to finish up Nancy. I've figured out the placement for the buttonholes on the second front placket.

Here's me and my ChicKami.

ChicKami and skirt


ChicKami by weekend's end?

Here's an update on ChicKami. No big plans for the weekend so perhaps I can finish up the tank. Digging through my closet I found the perfect skirt to go with the tank.

The picture came out a bit yellow on the skirt but the little "dots" on the skirt is a perfect color match with the yarn.

Plans also include work on the sewing projects. I cut the patterns for the skirt last night. It dawned on me that I should use my tranfer pencil to trace and heat transfer the skirt markings. Duh. This will be especially helpful with the pleated skirt.

Killer heat wave across Europe. Major blackout on the eastern seaboard. Yikes. I hope those folks trapped in elevators are okay. That's the last place I would want to be trapped. Also hope folks can get back online soon. On other national news. This is a little old, but I would like to thank GW for the tax cut that has saved me a whopping $1.20 a month on my paycheck. I had a good laugh when I saw it. The California governor's race...what's going on? Of course Arnold is the front runner, the media keeps talking about him giving him free press. The NYT put him on the Sunday front page! Why?!!

On to happier news closer to home... I recieved the coveted kingpin award at work today. :-) Great to know my workers appreciate my work. Nice group of people to work with everyday.


Mini Break

We went on our annual camping trip to the San Juan Islands this weekend. I love it up there! Every time we're there we fantasize about leaving the city and moving up there. Aaahh, to live the island life. The locals say that winter is pretty bleak. I figure if I have some hobbies (oh I don't know, maybe knitting or pottery) to keep me busy I could manage the other six months of the year. Just waiting to hit it big with the lottery.

We camped on Lopez Island, our favorite, because it has fewer tourists than the larger islands, but there is just enough accommodations for us car-campers. The weather was great on Friday and Sunday. We had to scrap the kayaking on Saturday due to the torrential down pour. This gave us an opportunity ferry over to Orcas Island to do a mini hike, see the view from Mt. Constitution, which is breathtaking even with the cloudy skies, and visit some the pottery studios on the island.

Here are some pics from the trip.

Going to the San Juans always means a beautiful scenic ride on the ferry.

A view from the campgrounds, Spencer Spit.

Orcas Island Pottery Studio. Located at the end of a winding dirt road. What a location for a studio!

Ceramic wall hangings.


Blown glass from Crow Valley Pottery Studio and Gallery.

A view from the lookout tower of Mt. Constitution. A 360 view. On a clear day you can see forever...pretty darn near it.

Lopez Village

Long wait in the ferry line is opportunity to knit! I brought two projects with me and was able to get some knitting in during the wait.

Progress has been made on ChicKami. Had to pull out and start over because the first cast on was too tight. I'm on the increase portion of the bodice.


One disappointment of the trip was the cost of the ferry ride. Forty plus dollars for a car and two people!! Fifteen more if you take your car on a westbound trip after stopping on one of the islands. Make that two disappointing things...National Parks should be free for all.

This post took forever!! Had to take a break to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy...
I think I will upload the rest of the pics to photo navy from work 'cause this home computer is slooow.


Weekend re-cap

I had an enjoyable weekend. Did some hard labor, grilled some meat, bought some yarn and started more projects.

Started the weekend with a bite to eat.

A view from the taco place we ate at.

Busy evening on the lake.

Participated in an after dinner sporting event. I lost the foosball match. The score was close, though.

Watched 24 Hour Party People that had I rented last week and had to take back on Saturday. Knowing nothing about the Manchester music culture of f the seventies and eighties I still found the movie interesting. Lot's of humorous moments. Funny Mancurians!! I highly recommend it. Steve Coogan of I'm Alan Partridge fame is great. He's one of the funniest comdiens around. Too bad America has not discovered him, or maybe that's a good thing.

On Saturday we helped some friends move and their friends invited us to a barbeque.

I visited my LYS to purchase a skein of Opal. My first self patterning socks.

Then returned on Sunday to purchase some Rowan Linen Drape (It was 30% off. I couldn’t resist.)

I’ll be using it knit ChicKami.

Also visited the fabric store and got these.

Get a load of that crazy seventies print ? I'm not making that dress.

These two herringbone fabrics are what I plan to use for the skirts. I'm debating whether to make two of the same (B) or B and E .

This floral fabric is for the dress. I'm planning to sew the white dress.


Face lift

Decided to change the template here. I think it looks better than the previous.

I've stuck to my goal of working on Nancy at least every dat this week, however limited it is.

Gotta go and knit.


Hot Hot Hot!

Have I complained enough about the weather? Sorry, I can't stop. It's not like I didn't spend three years in wretched urban summer heat and humidity and that I was born in a tropical climate zone. Really, it's because of the lack of ventilation in our place. Yes, all the windows are open but we face the alley so air is not circulating through.

Spent some of the weekend watching movies. What's your opinion of Legally Blonde 2? At first I was hesitant to see it, you know, the whole sequal thing. Rented Laurel Canyon and 24 Hour Party People. Saw the first one, need to watch the second. Not sure what Laurel Canyon was all about. I can't give it a fair assessment since I was sewing while the movie was playing. Hopefully, 24 Hour Party People will be worth the time. I have heard good things about this movie.

Anyhoo, I am trying to finish Nancy. I only have the plackets and collar to knit. Goal for this week is to work on it everyday even if it's only a couple of rows a day.

Here's something else from my productive weekend.

Booties for the little nephew.


Sew, what did I do this weekend?

Went on a garage sale excursion. Didn't find anything worth going to the bank to get cash for. There were lots of sales. I was hoping somebody was selling a decent dresser to replace the one we have. Didn't see much furniture at the sales I hit.

Then went to the eastside to visit a yarn store I heard about, and after much aimless driving (I didn't have the exat address) around an unfamiliar area I located the address...low and behold it has been closed down. That's right, out of business. On the way home I went to the fabric store to rummage around and got sewing fever. I was inspired to sew myself a summery top. Something quick and simple, or so I thought. The pattern looked simple enough. Took me all night and a couple of hours this morning to complete it. I had to shorten the top portion this morning which meant ripping apart the top and bottom portion, cut to correct length, re-sew the gather and sew back the pieces. Wish I realized last night that the top portion was too long and that's why it looked baggy on me. And the armhole was a two-hour ordeal! Should have trusted the instructions...I thought their method would make it look too "home-made" so I attempted to sew the armhole like the neckline and it was a disaster! So, this morning I ripped it out and followed instructions. Very satisfied with the results. Take a look.

Pattern & Cut pieces

Top portion & Almost finished top

Finished! & Me and top

More photos! I updated my project gallery.



Okay, so I just needed to do a little reading and searching to figure out how to create a comment box for my blog. I'm now connected. Let's hear from you.


How did they get that in the lake?

Look at what landed in the lake this weekend. On Saturday driving home we passed by the state ferrry renovation site, which is a couple blocks from us, and there she was. Sort caught me by surprise I had to do a double take. It wasn't there Friday night. We had walked down to the Thai restaurant that is practically across the street from the renovation site and definitely did not see there that night.

Here she is, Empress of the North, up close.

As I was flipping through the new issue of Sunset Monday night I saw an ad for this paddle boat in the travel section. She travels along the Columbia and was advertised as a Lewis and Clark scenic cruise. It's kind of neat to see her in our neighborhood. A change from the ferries that are usually docked there.

Knitting news. Well, not much progress. It's been pretty warm this week and I haven't felt like knitting. I know, I know, I should have the urge regardless of temperature! Also, the weekend was busy with my parents here and my brother's family in town. I've slated tomorrow night for some work. My thursday tv line-up will be Amazing Race, Will & Grace, and that new show where six gay guys make over a straight guy. That will be two hours I can catch up on knitting.


Gallery page

I've set up a gallery for my projects
here. Anyone interested in free photo hosting should check photonavy.

Hot! The weather has been warm lately that I'm missing the usual overcast skies. Am I insane? Maybe it's the lack of an air conditioner. True, there's no need for one if you live in these parts but when the weather is like this for over a month you start wishing you had one. Or at least a deck. I miss the deck at our old place.



Sorry, no knitting pictures yet. I was playing around with the camera yesterday but have not had time to install the software to get the pictures up. Possibly by the end of this weekend.

I did get pictures of my nephews this week from my brother. Cuties!!!

Little Nicholas. He's just over two months old. He's been nicknamed Little Bhudha.

Big brother Alex.

Can you believe these two are brothers? They look nothing alike. You can't see it in this picture but Alex has the cutest curls under the hat.



My camera was delivered toningt. Airborne Express came back in the evening to deliver it. It's pretty nifty. Pictures are coming soon, I promise.

On the knitting front I'm done with one bootie and about to start the next. It took a few tries to get going. Lots of pulling out an starting over and after the third time I got the pattern I wanted. Just hope it will fit one of my nephews. The magic loop is working nicely on the Denise needles.

I've been pretty busy with work that I hardly have time to read my regular knitting blogs. Hopefully things will improve next week but I think things are just gearing up and may not slow down until the end of August. Speaking of August my work is having a craft fair that month. Ten percent of the vendor's sales go to the school for the child patients. There's usually one or two knitters selling there FOs. I sold my pottery last year and made a killing even with the 10% going to the kids. Since then I haven't had time or resources to throw any pottery. It's been about eight months since I've sat at a wheel. But I have knitting now and this hobby I can do in the comfort of my home. No driving to the studio. Though, I miss getting muddy and dusty (when the clay dries).

I'm going back to play with my new toy.


Margarita Monday

One strong margarita on the rocks for me, please. Rough day! At least busy days does make time fly. Too many things to do this month I can't think about it all. Stop asking me to do so many things!! I'm only one person. That was what I was thinking after I turned on my computer this morning. Well, eventhough it's been a stressful Monday my needles did come in the mail. Happy, happy, happy. Everything is there except for one of the short extension which I can live without. If need be I can probably order it from the company. All is left is my camera for the postman to deliver.

I can't motivate myself to finish Shaker, which is from A Treasury of Rowan Knits, only 2 1/2 inches left to go on the back piece. No more shaping to do and I still can't finish it. So I started working on some booties last night. Will try the magic loop method with the needles with this pattern.

Here's to a better day tomorrow.


Footwear completed!

Finished a pair of slippers today. Feeling very accomplished considering that I have been starting projects left and right. The slippers were a cinch, I started last night and was able to complete them today. Will get some pics up soon.

Since I won't be wearing the slippers any time soon check out the sandals I bought this week. Strappy, yes. Sexy, not really...but very comfy.

I won a bid on Ebay last week for the Denise Interchangeable Needles and have been anxiously waiting for them to arrive all this week. Where are they?! They didn't come to day, darn it. So next week the postman will deliver for me the needles and my new camera. Yeah, two packages in one week.