One last task

Just need to sew the buttons on the sweater and c'est fini. I'm happy with how it came out. The last cardigan I made was not so good. Using the raglan top-down method I attempted to knit a cardigan of my own design. It came out unshapely, heavy and the color was icky. The color is ecru in low light but in daylight it’s this tea-stain yellow that reminds me of a smoker’s teeth (gross!).

The diamond check pattern of stockinette and seed stitches was easy. The pattern made for quick knitting; I flew threw the back and sleeves which usually drag on and on for me. My procrastination kept me from finishing the sweater sooner because I finished all the pieces in early July then left it in the basket until last week. Well, I did run out of yarn and the LYS didn’t carry it so there was a wait for the remaining yarn.

Drum roll...

As I mentioned earlier I found someone who sells all the yarn needed to make the Phildar stripe cardigan. Nathalie of Breiweb will be sending me the yarn later this week! She is also sending me needles. I noticed there are no US equivalent for sizes 2.5 cm and 3 cm. A fourth of a centimeter may not make much difference but I felt like splurging.

Speaking of needles…found these for 25 cents!

Finally, I got rid of blogExtra’s blog back. Dang, it was unreliable. I am now using a tag board located on the sidebar. Drop me a note if you wish. :-}