Did you watch?

Did you see any of the DNC? Did you watch it on C-Span? Because that was the only to watch the convention. No talking pundits who like interject with comments as insightful as a door knob. That's right just the convention, and nothing but the convention. I even watched 20 minute of balloons and confetti falling! You bet it was exciting. Memorable moments of the convention (no, not speeches) as see through the C-Span camera lens: Cate Edwards looked eerily like M. Lewinsky last night introducing her mother; multiple shots of a skiiinnnnyyy Sarah Jessica Parker waving the flag from her box seat, why?; shots of her and hubby, Matthew Broderick, looking quite dweebish; P diddy and Norman Lear sitting together in their box seats; a camera shot of Chris Heinz behind his mother lifting a plastic cup filled with beer; Black Eyed Peas performing last night, that wasn't the weird thing, it was watching the Heinz and Kerry sons and daughters groovin' to the Black Eyed Peas, not a pretty sight; too many shots of anonymous young female democrats cheering to speeches and rocking to music. Aren't there any hot young male dems?

Don't forget to watch the Daily Show for a great recap of daily activities at the convention. Also visit JibJab for a good laugh.

I have voted in every local and national election, in person or by absentee ballot, since I was 18. Whether it is a levy or a president I cast my vote. Don't you forget to vote!


Knit shots

Got a camera why not use it, right?  Okay, here are some shots of what I have been up to of late.  This sleeveless is such a rip off.  It's not for me.  A novice knitter was sucked in by some dubious LYS owner who said this would be easy to make.   What a rip off!  At $16 a ball and you have to use 6 balls to make it.  I think the owner was trying to make a quick  sale--  ya think?  Yeah, just because the pattern calls for less than 30 stitches does not mean it's easy when you have to use size 20 needles.  She gave up on trying to make it so I helped her out by knitting the thing.  It's heavy, like a pound of wool!  Okay, if you aren't use to knitting or even holding knitting needles size 20 is not something you should start with.  It's like knitting with broomstick handles.  New knitters would be more comfortable if they start knitting with size 8 or 10, makes the process feel more fluid.  Easy to hold and gives them a bit of confidence about the whole process.

Here's the big ass undies, and this is another pair that may actually fit.


Bouts of neurosis?

Neurotic. Me? Never. :-)

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are

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My doppelganger
Who the heck was bloggin' for me? 

Progress on one the Knitty pattern was not a huge success.   The FO came out too large.   Well, better to be a small ass than a big ass.   I need to re-block.   Everyone I show the pattern to has a great laugh that I am knitting underwear.   Hey, it's not the man thong.  People knit socks all the time why is underwear any different?  Some people aren't crazy about the Fall IK, but I love it.  I like the asymmetrical rib cardigan, the funnel neck sweater, the basketweave front zip sweater, the felted bag, etc.  I think knitting at least one pattern per issue justifies my purchase of the magazine.  Along with the IK issue I bought the  Adrienne Vittadini Spring book.  What lovely sweaters!  There is a top in there that reminds me of the Cabaret Raglan from Summer IK.  



Things you learn watching the food network

Emeril is beyond annoying. He's like the George Bush of cooking. The halting way he talks just irritates the hell out of me. You cannot, I repeat, cannot eat three decent meals on $40 a day. Not matter what Rachel Ray says I totally disagree. People in Cincinnati like to eat chile on top of pasta with oyster.

I will be attempting my first Knitty project. It's true, a first. For some reason I haven't made any thing from there yet. Some of the patterns they have are quite nice but for some reason I haven't made one. But this issue is so fun I just have to try it out.


Must investigate

Drove by a second hand store on Wednesday and saw a spinning wheel in the
window. I must go check it out. Disadvantage is if I do this I will not
have time to knit, spin that is.


So true...

Okay, the accent thing isn't true. The not understand me and taking me seriously is so true.

You're Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!

by Mark Twain

With an affinity for floating down the river, you see
things in black
and white. The world is strange and new to you and the more you learn about
it, the less
it makes sense. You probably speak with an accent and others have a hard
understanding you and an even harder time taking you seriously.
Nevertheless, your
adventurous spirit is admirable. You really like straw hats.

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Do my eyes deceive me?

The Elann site is down? Nooooo.......



Chevron Tank (IK Spring 2004), you and I are not meant to be. It's not you it's me, babe. After a second attempt to knit you I have failed. I am sorry we couldn't work it out. You are not meant for me. I must move on and knit something better suited for me. ChicKami, we have a relationship, we can make it work. The two of us met last summer and it worked out really well, you knitted up like a breeze. How can I fault something knitted in the round? You're cute, come in two styles, have a lovely shape, and you and I look good together. We can make this work again, I know it. Let's go for it. :-) Yes, I know I have a commitment to Polka Purl Dots but I think we may not last much longer. From the beginning we didn't see eye to eye. Eventhough I tried to ignore what was apparent. She was too cropped and small, even for little ole' me.


Give Peace a Chance

Woohoo! I finished the Pistachio Peace cardigan. The process took about a year and I finally got it right. Reynolds Saucy Sport replaced Rowan Cotton Glace. The gauge wasn't perfect but it did the job. IMHO it came out pretty good. I like the decrease/increase detail in front makes the sweater fitted and feminine. The decrease in neckline is also a nice touch. Though I would have to wear a camisole or something underneath. It has a low neckline and the fitted look exposes a little too much skin.

Take a gander some summer tops. These go all the way back to 1999!. VK Summer issue to be exact. Ribbed cable tank, asymmetrical tank, boatneck/off the shoulder top and cute twin set. Sorry, some of the photos came out fuzzy.