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I want to sew this jacket. The detail is wonderful. I'm not scared that it has nine separate pieces. Also, I found a beautiful deep purple fabric for it. I have alread cut out the pattern pieces. The really big issue is that you can't petite size this thing except for the sleeves. I sort sized up the center back piece and it falls far past my hips. Too long... Can't decide if I should just go for it.



Okay, knitwers (that's short for knitters who also sew) - time to go crazy for knit related fabrics. Bonus if you are also a cat lover. Here are a couple of ideas: bags, needle holders, tool pouches, pj bottoms, stash bags... I can go on forever.

Also, Amy Butler is coming out with decor weight fabrics. I love it.


Tie one on

For those who are tying one on http://angrychicken.typepad.com/tieoneon/.  Check out these vintage and retro fabric. http://www.equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_main.html?catid=27.

Retro Domestication

I hope there is an anthropologist or sociologist out there taking notes on the revival of crafting we seem to be in the midst of. What's the cause of this? Who are the people to are taking part? What is the demographics? How does the state of the economy and geopolitical environment play a part? What spurred me to think of this? Well, there's all this knitting, crafting, sewing and more I see on the internet, and let's not forget the multiplication of craft fairs. When I saw that Target was selling knitting kits I knew we had reached a point where it was no longer a little niche of people who had a bent creative bent. Then cupcakes are coming back like something fierce. And the other day I see that craftster are going ga-ga for retro aprons.

Apron Appeal. I like this one.


Quilt it!

I want to start quilting. And I want to start with this design using off white and red toile fabric, replace the stripey border with a single strips of red toile.


Summertime Cowboy...

I declare Summertime Cowboy by Husky Rescue as my official summer song. They remind me of The Cardigans with a folksy instrumental edge. I love the art in the CD booklet. Watch the video.

Not that it looks or feels like summer this week; I love summer veggies no matter what.

These babies from the Edmonds Farmer's Market are the size of breakfast sausages. So sweet and crunchy!

Yummy fresh swiss chard ready for sauteeing.

Ooh, and tofu spinach salad with sesame soy dressing.

I am thinking this could be the Summer of My Stash Reduction. Be it yarn or fabric or anything else I've got piled, stored or hidden away.

One down. Adapted from IK Spring 04 Waving Lace Socks. M1 where directions say to YO. Made with Regia Silk. This stuff is nice. Why are all the nice socks always for some else?

Reduce that fabric stash. Make boxers.


vogue summer 05 twist

vogue summer 05 twiist upclose
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Every knitter knows that when knitting with cotton the one nagging thing is will the fiber stay soft and shiny after run in the wash. Well, let me tell you that this Clip yarn is even softer after a wash. I can't believe that it is even more comfortable to wear. Three cheers for Clip yarn. Love it!


Free pattern

Visit the V&A Museum site about knitting and get a free Rowan pattern.

Don't you hate it when you buy something, come home, open the item and find the particular item in the package you need has been lifted by some shifty shopper who doesn't want to fork over five dollars for the whole set. Makes me mad!!! Now my lavender flavored frosting will not be lavender colored. Thanks a lot, you inconsiderate Larry's shoplifter for stealing the red food coloring from the packet I bought!!

I'm off to enjoy the unexpected sunshine.


Sew Long

It's been a while. I'm sorry to say very little knitting has been done. My current focus is sewing. The knitting basket is still filled with socks and Kiri (designed by Polly of All Tangled Up). Kiri is the shawl you want to make if you don't want to tackle Birch, which has 200 some cast on stitches and you decrease to the tip. Kiri is the opposite, and very similar to Flower Basket Shawl. I'm using Elann's Peruvian Baby Silk same as I did for the FBS.

What I've been focusing on is my sewing stash. Trying to reduce that stack is not as easy as it sounds. I keep having to go to the fabric store to buy notions and what not and leave with more fabric. It's a losing battle. Also, I've been reading this blog, and am in awe of the craftsmanship involved. I've learned a lot about bespoke tailoring, high end hand made clothes, and find the whole business fascinating. His writing is terrific and he talks about the business and craft in a very clear and precise manner. Some of the writing is like a class lecture-- only it is the kind of class that you enjoy. Not that I can afford anything he makes, yes, he does custom suits for women as well. One entry talks about the importance of hand made clothes and the craft that goes into making an item whether on Saville Row or in Chinatown (and I interpreted to the novice as well) ; makes me proud that I can sew. Hand made lends a touch of humanity, you put a little bit of yourself in each piece you make, somewhere someone is carrying a bit of you around each time they wear your clothes. That just sounds so nice. Same can be said for knitting, of course.


'Tis the season of the circle skirts. (McCall's M4783)

I also like the pleated skirts out this season and had to have one for myself. The fabric has dainty basting stitches.(Simplicity 4703)

Remember this baby from two summers ago?

Well, here's the 2005 version. (Butterick 3385)

I'm really proud of the top stitch on the neck and armhole binding. The pattern called for slip stitching, and I hate to hand sew, so I'm glad to have bought one of these it makes for easy machine top stitching.

I also make a couple pairs of capris but they did not turn out as I had planned. Major alterations is needed.