So little time

i have a short attention span. i always feel like i have to be creating or making something.  and there are times when it all comes to a halt: i feel no joy in pursuing any of my hobbies.  just this last month i felt this way, though i continued to knit i wasn't really excited and didn't really care when the project was going get done.  and this after i bought all that yarn at the summer sale!  i had lots pent up energy/stress.  so after about a year of being VERY laxed with my exercise routine i started running again.  though no the first time that i restarted my running (and several times it was really difficult, physically difficult, to restart) this times it has gone really well.  i've been able to increase the great amount distance in a short amount of time.  it has given me my energy back and released some stress. i feel invigorated and feel the need to create again.  but now it leaves me with lots to do and little time to do it.  i started a new project yesterday, something simple but it is turning out so nice that i want to knit all day long.  my other project is getting close to completion.  and i started a book about the history of shetland handknitters.  knit, read, run, eat, play, work... something needs to go.  too bad the last one isn't a possibility.

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