Good God, I made something...

been making great progress on Brier from Rowan 36. from photos in the magazine you would think that it is just a sweater with a label collar. well, my friends, this thing is made up of 9 pieces, including the collar. the back is knit in two pieces with the center back seam sewn inside out. The sleeves are two pieces each with a seam sewn inside out. this gives it more of a jacket style than a sweater style. again, bad photography from the magazine; you don't even see the most interesting parts of the sweater, which are all on the back side. and if i didn't examine the photos as closely as i did i wouldn't have seen it has an overlapping cuffs, and the instructions does not mention anything about buttonholes on the cuffs so I assume the buttons are sewn on top to close the cuffs. the devil is in the detail, people.

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