Photo post about to commence...

Weekend break to the Great North.

Learned how to cut silky fabric: starch it!  Boil water, add cornstarch, mix until clear, soak fabric, wring out, dry, cut pattern.

Lots and lots of weekends at the dog park.

New view.

Spring break.  I voted for some place with sun, water and sand, but settled for sun and sand.  

My very own space.  Finally got a craft room!  No more sharing or having to clear off the dining table after every project or tripping over cords or being bothered when I want uninterrupted time.

Flowers for almost every season.  This here is summer flowers.

Tomatoes are still alive after a cold spring.  Planted too early, but you made it!

Completed a fiber project!!!

Contemplating life as a pet photographer... not really.  He is a good subject though.
This is his serious side.

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