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This is going faster than I thought. The armhole shaping is done for the back. Just another 3 inches until the shoulder shaping. The plan is to finish the back this weekend and start the front.


How to humiliate yourself

- Live in your head
- Be oblivious to reality
- False hope
- Ignoring the obvious
- Believing in luck
- Thinking you're really clever
- Ignoring your real problems
- Thinking your problems can magically disappear



Breezy Cables

Breezy Cables
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The pieces were finished in May and sat around all summer. I was dreading the seaming. I managed to overcome my fear and it was pretty painless to seam. There are no buttons. I am thinking of using it as an office sweater; anyone working in a cubicle knows those drafts can be chilly regardless of the outside temps.

IK Spring 2006 by Kathy Zimmerman. Cascade 220 color 9345. I can't remember if there were any modifications. It was four months ago.