Kind of perturbed

What have I been doing last week? I don't know. Got some knitting done. Was feeling under the weather. Good advice: Don't knit under the influence of strong cold medication. I had to rip out about 12 rows of the cable cardi last week. Was on a roll after ribbing 7 inches of the front pieces and wanted to start cabling right away...bad idea. Lost count due to being a little loopy from Thera-flu.

I feel the need to whine a little. Sometimes it's nice to give credit where credit is due. That felt good. :-) Okay, I'm done. Won't mention it again.



I really have been knitting. Take a look.

What's the deal with cable needles? A double pointed needle is perfectly fine for cable knitting. I don't like the bend of the cable needle it makes it hard to slide the stitches to the front of the needle to knit. It slows you down. The straight double pointed needle slides right down your hands with a push of the forefinger.



I've been busy knitting away on both cardies. Just noticed this morning that I did not cast off enough stitches for the stripe cardi, you guessed it, have to rip out twelve rows and start the armhole shaping over. That'll teach me to count and re-count stitches.


Picture this

It's show and tell time. Am now using my internet provider's photo storage account. Didn't even know I could get one. The price they charge for high speed connection I definitely deserve some bells and whistles. I was able to copy my photos from photonavy and relocate them to the new account. Photonavy is a great idea...but demand has exceeded supply.

The links in this weeks entries should work properly now. However, if you don't have time right at this moment to re-read my chatter then look over at the side bar, if you haven't alreay, most of the new projects are there. :->

Here is a peek at stripe cardi.

I painted our TV stand today, small little thing, and I can't believe it took so long! Guess how long, you'll never guess. Six hours, that's right, six hours. And I thought a couple of hours for sanding, priming, and painitng should do it. Ha! The piece has carved legs, the tops is framed with a raised border, yeah, lots of nooks and crannies to sand and paint. Note to self: use an electric sander on next painting project, or forgo the sanding, just prime and paint.

The kiddies are here this weekend. The older one is a bundle of energy. He's so fun. His mom tells us that he loves to watch the Food Network. A two year old who is into cooking is way cool.


Problem lingers

Still no photos. Darn it, I wanted to post photos of the stripe cardi. It's coming along so nicely. I'm almost to the armhole. Of course, all this attention to the stripe cardi means no time on the cable cardi. I should really work on both at the same time to extend the projects. Both projects are fun, but when I get into a project I really like it's hard to focus on other projects. This includes a neglect of the penny rug.


Mystery solved

Here's the reason my pictures are gone. I sensed that this was too good to last.

Yea, a successful night of knitting. Striping along nicely now. The cardi is really fun, striping makes for quick knitting.


The magic number is 4

Swatched all night, and I believe size 4 is the one. Will try my luck by casting on tonight.

Wassup with my pictures?! I'll work on it. Is this the curse of "nothing for nothing"? I'm referring to free hosting as spotty, unreliable service. Free is free, right?

The music industry is suing p2p users...uh oh. Should I worry?



that about sums up my mood today. Darn pictures won't show up on this site!

Swatching Phildar Licorne also gets a big "grrr" from me. Got the needle size they recommended for stripe cardi, and wouldn't you know it, I can't seem to get the correct gauge. I tried US size 3, and no luck. This means I have to go up to size 4. More swatching...argh.


Plum Crazy

I've gone plum crazy

Wow, last week flew by fast. There goes my plan to post at least once a week...oops.

Here are some reasons why I haven't posted.

Starting a new sweater.

Making a penny rug.

Playing with my new toy

On Saturday, yarn for the stripe cardie arrived from Holland. Yippee! Naturally, being the ever-patient person (pausing to laugh) I waited a whole day before starting this project.

I am seeing an unintentional motif in my knitting. Can you spot it? That's right, cardigans. Just call me a cardi girl. Okay, there was the ChicKami...

As I'm working on the cable cardigan I realize that I much prefer cable instructions describing the direction of the cable twist, as in left or right, rather than the placement of the stitches, you know, front or back. Also, I don't care for charted cable patterns, I prefer it be written. This must be because I learned cable knitting from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting books.

Non-knitting news...Sunday's NYTimes has a listing of the Fall and Winter movies. Look on the right side under the heading titled Release Schedule.