After several weeks of wanting to have a Saturday to putter around the house it finally happened. We decided to do most of our Saturday errands Friday night so we could have Saturday to ourselves. Left work at five on the dot and spent a couple of hours running our errands. Woke up this morning relaxed knowing I didn't have to get to the mall or store before noon to avoid the crowds. It's great, I need to do this more often.

More orange blossoms, the center is the felted one.

Threw these in the wash twice, and still too big for my size 7 feet. I used Cascade 220 following the instructions for a size small with double yarn, size 13 needles as instructed, yet they came out closer to size 8. I'll go back to felting with Lopi with the next pair

I spent most of the day working on my Soft Spot. It's not done, I need to purchase handles and one of those magnetic snaps. The directions doesn't indicate what weight of Sew-in interfacing to use and I debated using fusible interfacing thinking it would be stiffer allowing it to stand on its own once it was sewn. The heavy weight Sew-in does a good job. I'm thinking that circle bamboo handles isn't right with the fabric pattern, maybe plastic or metal rings is a better look.


Orange Blossoms

Inspired by what I saw here I was compelled to see if I could create something similar for a fraction of the price. I took out the old crochet hook and used my llama/wool yarn purchased from Elann and played around until these orange blossoms bloomed. Still into the whole felting thing so I made one with a larger hook and will attempt to felt it. Crossing my fingers and hoping the experiment will work.

I'll be back tomorrow with the results.


I'm seeing spots

When I sit for too long knitting away, and then have to get up I get this huge head rush. For a brief moment I see spots swirling around me.

Giant slippers? No, Fiber Trends' felted clogs (pre-felting). This was a blast to knit up. I recently learned that wool socks and carpet are not a good combination. The polyester in the carpet pulls on the wool fibers and will cause thinning in places like the heel. This makes sense because this has happened to a pair of socks I knitted last fall, the heel is worn and thinning, hanging by a thread. Wonder if it will do the same to felted wool. May take longer to wear out since the fibers are so tightly bound.


Bueller... Bueller... Bueller....

Comments should be working. Anyone? Anyone? After being out of commision for a while I did an overhaul, got a new feedback account, and then figured out I had some code in my set up that was disabling the feedback program. That's why they call me a visionary philosopher (in my best John Lovitz voice). No laughing, please.

Look what I found surfing around. Haven't heard anyone mention this before.


Gotta give it up...

For Lent I will forgo new yarn and all craft related purchases. Having said that, look at what I got at JoAnn's this weekend. It was an incredible steal-- one dollar each for the McCall's and 75% off for Vogue patterns. Hurry down before it's all gone. I also bought some lovely fabric to make a handbag and shirt. Needed to buy all this before Wednesday!

I'm getting more organized! Went and purchased some nice storage boxes, and was able to get my stash into two, that's right, just two boxes. Yippee!!

Not only am I getting organized but I have been able to get lots of knitting done (french hoodie, stripe cardie, and soon to be felted clogs). I was not able to find the correct shade of pink gros grain ribbon for cardie at JoAnn's, so I must trek to Pacific Fabrics. Of course, this will be after Lent.

My Oscar picks for Sunday (haven't seen a lot of movies this year, so this is based on what I read and hear):

Best Actor - Sean Penn (hoping it will be Bill Murray)
Best Supporting Actor - Tim Robbins (have an inkling that Djimon Hounsou may edge him out)
Best Actress - Charlize Theron (haven't seen her movie or the others, except for Whale Rider, but have a feeling the little girl won't win)
Best Supporting Actress - Renee Zellweger (always the bridesmaid never the bride, so they may give it to her this time around. It's been three years in a row for her, at least.)

CINEMATOGRAPHY - COLD MOUNTAIN (tough one could be THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING, I should have this pick switched around)
DIRECTING - THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING (everyone has been waiting for the third movie to come out so they can shower him with awards. I suspect this is one of many for him on Sunday.)
WRITING (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) - MYSTIC RIVER (Hollywood likes Clint, don't need to give him the best director because he already has one so this will do, even if he didn't do the writing. It's a nod to the man.)
WRITING (ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY) - LOST IN TRANSLATION (she's not going to get best director, but she's got potential so they will give this to her, and she won at the Globes)



Sandy Lion stickers and small Sanrio stickers are great for making marble magnets. These are going to make great gifts. Instructions can be found at Not Martha.

I'm hoping this will get me organized.


Your vote counts...

even if you have a hard time recalling your candidate's name. My first time volunteering at a political event will be a memorable one. I'm manning the sign-in table for two precincts, and the first voter comes up to sign-in and register for her presidential preference. I tell her to write in her name, address, blah, blah, you know the usual voting info, and also to write in her preference. She stops before listing her candidate and looks up to tell me she can't remember the name of the guy she wants to vote for. Uh....well, what does his name start with I ask. Pause. It's a K she says, okay, there's two candidates who's names start with K. Then she says he's that senator...mystery solved. Then she asks what his first name is.

Aside from the funny start it was fun to see how the caucus worked. Lots of debating and community togetherness. The turn out was huge! The rules allows for only half an hour for everyone to come and sign in, obviously, this was not enough time with the turn out today. Doors closed as scheduled and everyone was allowed to sign-in before it got started. From what I heard there were more than folks who were confused by the rules. A Step by step outline of the process should have been written so anyone could take charge and carry out the election of delegates quickly and correctly. Anyway, I'm glad the turn out was so large. Let's hope it's the same in November.

Knitting is coming along slowly as is the case when you have too many projects going at once. The list is currently sweater, scarf, socks, sweater, sweater and bag. Of course all these project are fun but I don't make much progress because of the volume of items to knit. Also, I borrowed my mom's knitting machine to try out. I still have not gotten around to using it. Currently it's taking up space on the dining room table, a lot of space. Next up is spinning and German classes in the Spring. Not in any way related to one another just two other interests I want to pursue.


Must make a list of projects before it gets too out of hand. Number one on the list is to finish stripe cardi...before Spring!

What did I say about commercials during the Superbowl? I'm such a boob...hee, hee. I was sitting right there in front of the 27-inch tv and I didn't see it, in fact, I didn't realize anything happened until Monday afternoon. What? Huh? What was going on with me? I was focused on knitting and missed the shot.