Quelle Horreur!!

More horror!!

Fear not? I fear them a lot!! As seen in the August issue of Lucky. I was frightened when I saw it. I had deja vu of my mom in those pants. Will it work for us folks who no longer have flat tummies or those of us who like to eat a large meal in one sitting? What about when you sit down and the pant waiste cuts into your tummy, especially for a sloucher like me. Not to mention the fact that they make your backside enormous even if your backside isn't that large. (Hello, the more material used to cover your booty the larger it looks.) I can just see it now: those ginormous shoulder pads from the eighties are coming back after they run through high waiste bell bottoms and everything crocheted from the seventies.

Back to reality.

Finally, after a year of sitting quietly folded in my to finish pile I sewed the placket for cardi raye from Phildar. Stupid me didn't buy the hook and eye ribbon when the nice lady at Brieweb asked. Where can you find hot pink hook and eye ribbon? No where this side of the Atlantic. I also searched for the right shade of pink with little success until I wasn't looking anymore, know what I mean? I laboriously sewed nine hook and eye sets to the cardigan this week and was able to declare it complete.

But damn that lurex yarn is scratchy. Or is the correct description itchy? Besides being scratchy/itchy the pattern is a little short so I did some surgery after all the pieces were seamed. i used every last inch of that green yarn!

Notice the different ribbon? Yes, that is grosgrain, before I found the satin ribbon in that perfect shade of hot pink, or I believe it is called French Pink.

Cheveron tank from Rebecca. Not my favorite. The design is similar to their stripe cheveron tank several seasons ago. And it is similar to the tank in the summer IK. I use Katia Idea Jean, a ribbon yarn. Also, I should have knit this in the round.

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