I'm not a lush...

but I play one during the summer months. Man, today is a perfect day for drinking margaritas... as much as possible without getting too billigerent. No, no, I kid. Though, it is a perfect margarita weather.

This is suppose to last all summer....don't think so. Yeah, it's the 1.75 liter bottle, the one that comes with its own handle.


Okay, margies aren't only thing I down for dinner. Fresh pesto and pasta salad.

And quinoa and soycutash(Trader Joe's) salad with soy ginger vinegrette. Delicious cold.

Oh, yeah, this is a knitting blog. Pale Blue Cardigan from Rebecca is coming along slowly. The cables are slowing me down. I can't imagine what it will be like when I get to the sleeve increase. I do love the color I chose, lilac from Plymouth's Wildflower. Yeah, it is 51% cotton, 49% acrylic. Feels just like 100% cotton. During hot months the facilities folks at work crank up the a/c and it is incredibly cold! Funny how all the women complain and the men think it is just fine. Well, it makes it too cold to wear sleeveless tops to work. I have to put on a sweater most days. I'm thinking of making another Elspeth, in all-purpose-goes-with-anything-black. Back to Tivoli, okay, I'm going to give in and just knit stockinette and crochet the edges like action hero. Perhaps to save yarn I will do a garter or and knit three or four rows of a seed stitch border. I gotta get going with that project.

Gotta go for now, it is too hot to continue.

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