was looking forward...

to a rainy day indoors in front of the tv with on demand at my finger tips. woke up this morning and it was dark and raining which was perfect i thought for a day to stay in and knit. took my time to get out of bed, went to the bakery for my latte and sticky bun, read yesterday's paper, and took my time walking home in the rain. browsed around the knit ring, and now the sun has peeked through the clouds and i'm a little disappointed.

all you jane austen fans out there, have you notice all the movie adaptations of pride and prejudice in the recent past, by recent past i mean, like, the last ten years? First, there is the all time classic bbc version with colin (sigh) firth, need i say more. next came bridget jones, very loosely based on the story. again, any movie with colin playing darcy is great. then came the bollywood-ish bride and prejudice, a not so great interpretation. after that came the little seen p&p set in Utah and has a mormon spin(?) because the subtitle is called "a latter day comedy", which i plan to see in its when it is on again on cable, and i'm predicting it is not going to be good. Most recently is this adaptation by the people who brought us love, actually. keira knightly is not someone who comes to mind when i think of lizzy bennet. i saw the trailer and it doesn't look very good. jenna malone is lydia. matthew mcfadyen of mi-5 is darcy, he doesn't look good with mutton chops. so, what's with all these adaptations? that is a lot of remake for one story, don't you think? just bring back colin and jennifer ehle. i can watch that bbc version any time.

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