This is likely the last post here. I would like to conintue posting about my knitting and other crafting endeavors, but no here. It has been two and a half years since the first post and now I want to do something different with this format. See you in another format.

Happy Holidays! Hope to see you again in blogland next year.

So, for the last post I give you our winterwonderland trip to a little bavarian village in the Cascades.

A very nice drive over the pass on Hwy 2.

Every business in town is required look something like this...

and this...

Obviously this time of year is pretty popular. Guess what everyone wants to buy when they come to this town...

The Christmas Band.

We went on the Christmas Lighting Weekend. Just a wee bit crowded.

On the needles is Kirk from Rowan 36. The pattern is a half zip front but I am making it as a full zip cardigan. I bought Knitpicks Seirra, which is wool/alpaca. Really nice stuff; soft and no splitting. The row guage is a little off, oh well. I'm eight inches into it and I do not want to frog 184 stitches!!

Urban Aran all finished. Elann Highland Chunky is thick and warm making this sweater so comfy to wear. I didn't bother to block this one. I figure it will stretch with wear.

A last minute ornament. Based on the folded fabric flower as seen on Craftster. I used eight one and one half inch felt squares.
And for the center I stuck a tree light lightbulb through the center hole. Next year I may make more to place all around the tree to give it a little bit of a theme.



Originally uploaded by pknitty.

Just another inch to go and I should be able to cast off the collar. This pattern is really strange. The schematic measurements indicate a size that is really big for the normal small. Okay, substituted yarn but it was the same weight, and somehow it cam out to the standard size small. The Highland Chunky is really soft. I knit this up in the round; there is no waiste shaping which made it really easy. The slanted cable will cinch the waiste and give a nice shaped look; it's not elastic like the ribbing.

Has anyone notice that the Elann Highland wool stinks when wet. I know wool has a bit of wet dog smell when wet, but this stuff really, really smells. Also, this Urban Aran pattern can be easily converted to a zip down cardigan(I can't remember which blog I saw that did this with pretty nice results). Just move the center cables over a few stitches.


I want to spend all day every day in these pajama bottoms. I love them. So soft and warm.

Knitting update: I am on to the second sleeve of Urban Aran.


Tie one on

I got off my ass and finished up the last bit of this sweater. I procrastinated on the final finishing touch because I wasn't diggin' the color after all was seamed together, but now it has sort of grown on me. That and the fact that I wanted something new to wear tomorrow. Llama is itchy. Also, it is fuzzy. Not a big fan of this Elann Uros. They've only sold it once because I don't remember them offering it again after I bought for the project. I'm not a big fan of single spun yarn; it unravels too easily.

One more day, and then I'm heading north. Five days off I can't wait.


One last one

Wanted to get this in before the month is over. Finished Phildar cable hood-less sweater. Spent a few hours this weekend seaming her. I'm ho-hum about the final product; it would have been nice to have the hood but that would have taken about 5 or 6 skeins of Peruvian Uros that I don't have. This makes it the third finish-it-already-sweater for October. I'm crossing off three projects from the UFO list this month. Aah the feeling of accomplishment!!

How fast is Elann? Let me set the scene. It's Thursday night, and I am overcome with need for more yarn. Hanging in for a few more days without purchasing yarn for the month of October shouldn't be hard, I know. Then I thought, screw it, I want yarn. I select my yarn hit order Thursday night, just before primetime TV, thinking I will have a package waiting for me next week. Come Saturday, that's right, Saturday, hubby comes home at noon and hands me the usual USPS box. It took me a minute to register who it could be from. One day turn around. Unbelievably fast!!


Oh Snap!

Check it out! I'm getting closer to finishing the man sweater. Started this baby almost a year ago. My interest fizzled when I was this close to finishing the left front. Both body and sleeves are/will be knit in the the round.

Inbetween the man sweater and Brier I made a scarf from Big Kureyon.

Check off another gift made for Christmas.


everything i say has already been said. i just can't believe the ineptitude of FEMA and the Bush Administration. my god! how can you not know that hundreds of thousands of people are calling for help when it is broadcast on every channel, every hour for days? fuck! they think that anyone who didn't have the sense to get in their SUV and drive out of the city on Monday were just asking for it. hello, in a city where 30% of the population are poor not everyone had the means to get out. hey, let me get a round golf in before i get over to louisiana. what a fucker! and you wonder why people outside this country hate us? maybe because our government is run by a bunch of fuckers who is in it for their own interests. their attitude is basically: i've got mine, so fuck you if you can't help yourself. i mean, did you see that video clip of the able bodied tulane hospital staff being evacuated while across the street the charity hospital staff hover over a patient in critical care waiting for a helicopter to come to airlift this person out. did you see the disgust and anguish in the faces of the charity hospital staff? did you see the guy shaking his head in disbelief? this is exactly how the bush administration treats the other half.

fuck everyone of you who voted for him.


Update in photos

Maybe it is blog depression because I have not been in the mood to blog. Certain events occur and makes me think about what I want out of life. At least I still have my knitting.

Acorn Camisole is knitted. Need to seam it. I wish these projects would seam themselves. Not sure what place would be appropriate to wear Acorn, it's a bit short and plunging

I have started two projects. One is another Flower Basket Shawl-- like you'd want to see another picture of this so I will spare all of you. The other is Brier from Rowan 36(?), I think. The plan is to go on a yarn diet so project my require yarn already purchased. With Brier I bought this stuff last winter. Next is to finish the Man Sweater from IK Fall 2004, the basketweave halfzip. Nixed the Pale Blue V-neck sweater from Rebecca. Lost interest, frogged it thinking I could use it fro an Adrianne Vittadini pattern, but didn't work out.

Scored a 40" Denise cord! F-ing long, man. I was ready to give these Denise needles up until I spotted the cord. The set I have came from Ebay and after a while I started to hate them because the cords and connectors were old and bent out of shape, and stitches would snag at the joint. I stopped using them for a long time. Now that I have this new cord I am thinking they maybe worth their money again.

We've lived in the same place for years and nothing ever happens around here with the exception of Fourth of July, but we are never here to deal with all that. Last week I heard all this ruckus coming from the alley, thinking there was a cat fight in progress (not actual alley cats, but the girly kind). Okay, I think to myself, a bunch of drunken twentysomethings fighting they should simmer down in a few minutes. Apparently not drunk girls but some sort of photo shoot. I think the photog found the dilapidated garage in the alley interesting as a background for the photos because they stayed there for a long time. Check out the lense on that thing. Not all were modeling, half were hanger-ons. Never found out what it was for...

Happy knitting. Normalcy will commence shortly.


Knit heavy content

Just what I like. Knitting, knit, knit.

First off, the organization bug struck me. Just with the yarn stash, and not anything else around the abode.

Les mess...

Les plastique bags...

This took about two hours to organize. The extra large hefty zip lock bags wonderful for yarn storage. They are 2.5 gallons, extra strength, and have the zipper claspe for easy closure.

Les containers...

Waiste high!

I am sure there are many out there who possess more than this but I can't believe I have this much yarn. Now that they are all grouped and contained I can't believe that I had this much laying around.

I could no longer resist. I had to make one myself.

Rather than it being one skein, this is my version, something I like to call the three-ball-wonder (Jo Sharp Desert Garden, which knits like chunky yarn rather than aran). I was intrigued with the design and devised my own version using the top down raglan sleeve design.

the hunchback returns...

Kudos to Glampyre for the unique and stylish idea.

One more summer knit before the season is over.

Acorn Camisole from IK Summer 2005. Great stitch pattern. Not too sure how it will wear. Looks sort of slinky on the model, so it may be a hard to wear item.

Can't wait for Fall! Maybe this will be the year I actually knit an Adrienne Vittadini design.


What I Like

Originally uploaded by pknitty.

- VK is coming back strong with some great patterns. I am digging the Fall issue.
- Phildar's Tendances is also great. I might have to order this one.
- Cotton blend yarn. Cathay, Desert Garden, Wool/Cotton by Rowan and DB.
- The new Fall colors: orange, brown, and purple.

If you haven't listened to this episode of Open Source, you should. This is great. Debbie Stoller sounds cool, like you didn't already know that.


Yarn Porn, Part II

more yarn
Originally uploaded by pknitty.

6 More Lopi Lite
16 Jo Sharp Summer Soho
5 Jo Sharp Desert Garden

I went back for more. I have no self control.

My nice review of this place is now tarnished by the fact that businesses, like this place, should know the first rule of business is that the customer is always right. The old biddy should get her act together (she is not the owner). This was my second encounter with her snippy-ness. The first time I was willing brush it off as part of the chaos that was going on in the store; it being the first day of the sale and it was really busy, but there was no excuse this time. Look, there's no shame in saying that you were wrong and that I, the customer, was right. And don't give me attitude-- telling me there's no extra discount and that it is not policy when I got the same discount this past weekend and the other sales woman said that we get an extra discount-- while correcting your mistake. Hey, you over charged me. I've dropped a lot of dough in this place, and I may return to spend more if you provide some decent customer service.

What is it with LYS in this town? This is the second store where I've encountered surliness. That other store, which I will dub the nut street yarn store, also gave me 'tude awhile back and I have yet to return.

So far so good with:

Weaving Works
Yarn Gallery
Pacific Fabrics

I'll just roll around in all my yarn and should feel better after.


What is it?

Originally uploaded by pknitty.

So I was looking at the new Rowan 38 online to see what creations they have come up with for Fall and Winter. The themes sound appealing, the photos are hard to see, and the knitting is... where is the knitting. For example, this photo is from the book but I cannot see what the knit object is. It's not the dress, is it the mesh-hat-thing she is wearing? What is it?


Yarn Porn

You know you want to see it?

Of course, you do.


9 DB Cashmerino Aran (I would have gone for 10 if they had that last ball!)
10 Jo Sharp Summer Garden Aran Cotton
14 DB Wool/Cotton
12 Lopi Lite

I told myself that all this stuff would be my Fall projects to justify the spending. What are my Fall projects? Well, I still have to come up with some ideas... But how can you walk away when Debbie Bliss yarn is 40% and 50%
off! The sale continues all week. Everything is on sale-- everything. Then there is deep discounts on tons of yarn. I like this LYS. It's not exactly convenient, so does that still make it a LYS? Anyway, they carry a wide selection which is great. I was really surprised at how much they carried. I remember going to last year's sale and was happy with the yarn I took home, but didn't think carried a lot the yarn I would knit with. I went away with a feeling that the store was a little old school. Now that I scoured the store from top to bottom I can say they carry an excellent selection of yarn. It looks like they know their audience is changing; they've sell hip knitting bags, the books selection has expanded, the color selection is good, and I believe they updated the store logo. Also, regular prices are good.

And now I am broke.

Another yummy summer salad. Your classic tossed green with blue cheese and pinuts sprinkled on top. Nothing makes salad better than blue cheese and pine nuts.


Fiber Celebration

This is going to be a full weekend: Bellevue Art Fair, Hilltop East opens, and the West Seattle LYS is having a sale. This may motivate me to finish something.

I have found a new toy with one my office tools. Okay, I use this thing everyday to crunch numbers, but look what else it can do. Pivot tables, vlookups, if then formulas, fogetaboutit! Copy and paste, baby, that's all ya gotta know about Excel to do this.


Note to self: Must update sidebar.


A shout out to all you peeps.

Hey, thanks to those who emailed me in the recent past-- all two of you. I am sorry I did not respond. I have to admit that I do not check that email accoutn on a regular basis, though it is my main non-work email. I prefer not to use work email to do non-work stuff (i.e. blog related stuff), if you know what I mean. My family email at work and such but that is about it.

At times I do lack blog ediquette; comment and not follow up on a response, or post and not follow up on a comment. I really do appreciate all comments and replies. Again, thanks writing.

Yesterday a blogger asked about the anonymity, or lack of it, of her readers who blog. Well, in my case I haven't told anyone outside this household of two about my blog. (And if anyone out there knows me, but I don't know that you are reading, please don't inform me. Let's just keep the relationship the way it is.) It's not that I write about extremely personal matters often, I hardly do, that I don't want to reveal who I am. I just like to express my creativity, sometimes my thoughts, and my opinions to noone in particular. I have always been that way. I'm an introvert and a lot of the times expressing myself to noone in particular is cathartic. And it is great to hear when readers feel the same way I do. Writing it out gives my issue a bit of a resolution. Sort of like: there I said it, I feel better now. I'm not the most expressive blogger, far from it, but typing out a few sentence that sometimes only I understand feels great. It is like after an encounter where you think of the world's greatest comeback. Maybe that's where my preference for anonymity comes in. Ha! There I go self diagnosing. It is a knitting blog, so I try to keep it about knitting and such.

This in no way says that I don't want to get to know other bloggers or that I would be anti-social outside the blogging environment. Just me saying why I like to write my blog anonymously.


On an unrelated note: Oh, those Londoners! Ever so... British, aren't they?


Quelle Horreur!!

More horror!!

Fear not? I fear them a lot!! As seen in the August issue of Lucky. I was frightened when I saw it. I had deja vu of my mom in those pants. Will it work for us folks who no longer have flat tummies or those of us who like to eat a large meal in one sitting? What about when you sit down and the pant waiste cuts into your tummy, especially for a sloucher like me. Not to mention the fact that they make your backside enormous even if your backside isn't that large. (Hello, the more material used to cover your booty the larger it looks.) I can just see it now: those ginormous shoulder pads from the eighties are coming back after they run through high waiste bell bottoms and everything crocheted from the seventies.

Back to reality.

Finally, after a year of sitting quietly folded in my to finish pile I sewed the placket for cardi raye from Phildar. Stupid me didn't buy the hook and eye ribbon when the nice lady at Brieweb asked. Where can you find hot pink hook and eye ribbon? No where this side of the Atlantic. I also searched for the right shade of pink with little success until I wasn't looking anymore, know what I mean? I laboriously sewed nine hook and eye sets to the cardigan this week and was able to declare it complete.

But damn that lurex yarn is scratchy. Or is the correct description itchy? Besides being scratchy/itchy the pattern is a little short so I did some surgery after all the pieces were seamed. i used every last inch of that green yarn!

Notice the different ribbon? Yes, that is grosgrain, before I found the satin ribbon in that perfect shade of hot pink, or I believe it is called French Pink.

Cheveron tank from Rebecca. Not my favorite. The design is similar to their stripe cheveron tank several seasons ago. And it is similar to the tank in the summer IK. I use Katia Idea Jean, a ribbon yarn. Also, I should have knit this in the round.


Oy, did you see this?

For all cupcake-holics. A while back I found this link via Action Hero. It is a lot fun to make and I embellished mine with beads to imitate sprinkles. Also added embroidery to look like letter icing.

Teach yourself to crochet and have fun!


I'm not a lush...

but I play one during the summer months. Man, today is a perfect day for drinking margaritas... as much as possible without getting too billigerent. No, no, I kid. Though, it is a perfect margarita weather.

This is suppose to last all summer....don't think so. Yeah, it's the 1.75 liter bottle, the one that comes with its own handle.


Okay, margies aren't only thing I down for dinner. Fresh pesto and pasta salad.

And quinoa and soycutash(Trader Joe's) salad with soy ginger vinegrette. Delicious cold.

Oh, yeah, this is a knitting blog. Pale Blue Cardigan from Rebecca is coming along slowly. The cables are slowing me down. I can't imagine what it will be like when I get to the sleeve increase. I do love the color I chose, lilac from Plymouth's Wildflower. Yeah, it is 51% cotton, 49% acrylic. Feels just like 100% cotton. During hot months the facilities folks at work crank up the a/c and it is incredibly cold! Funny how all the women complain and the men think it is just fine. Well, it makes it too cold to wear sleeveless tops to work. I have to put on a sweater most days. I'm thinking of making another Elspeth, in all-purpose-goes-with-anything-black. Back to Tivoli, okay, I'm going to give in and just knit stockinette and crochet the edges like action hero. Perhaps to save yarn I will do a garter or and knit three or four rows of a seed stitch border. I gotta get going with that project.

Gotta go for now, it is too hot to continue.



I started Tivoli and just frogged it. I read about curling curling edges so I decided to knit it in a purl and knit stitch pattern to avoid problem. Only thing is I don't like this stitch pattern. It was a diagonal purl stitch but looks more like seed stitch. Back to the reference books for ideas.

Kiri is done. Thumps up for this pattern. Very similar to Flower Basket Shawl. The pattern is not as open as FBS so it ate up four skeins of Peruvian Baby Silk. If you like FBS but don't want to knit another FBS, like me who has made six FBS, this is a definite recommend.

Thanks to Fidgety Budgie for reminding me about sewing a muslin model before cutting into the intended fabric. I had only done a muslin model once before, I'm usually not a patient person to do a trial run. Since this pattern has many pieces and no petite sizing I didn't want to rip and resew to adjust the fit on the real garment. I am glad I did a trial run even if there were no adjustments needed. Turns out that size 8 fits nicely! It would appear to be difficult with all the piece, but no it was straight forward. And the best thing about this is no buttons. For some reason really dislike putting in a button hole and sewing on buttons. Only down side is no lining. I may cut into the muslin model to draft a pattern for a lining. Aah, the satisfaction of a snag-free project.