4th July

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The little guy got warm on our hike and appreciated a little shade.


Seattle at Night

 It has been a long time since I visited this lookout.  Still a crowd favorite.  The place was buzzing at 10 pm!



Spring Sprucing Up

The plan this Spring and Summer is to improve and maintain the yard and plants . Starting with sprucing up the front.


Discovery Park 2012

What a great day for a hike to the beach. The tide was low the skies--well, Seattle-like.

Looks like Spring has arrived.

Treasures hunting at low tide.


Stop Doing This!

I agree with four out of five of these trends. The first one ABSOLUTELY! And especially when people arrange them by the color of the covers. I can't say enough about my hatred for this arrangement. You don't live with Rainbow Brite, people! DIY made the hit list? What!? No no no. Badly executed DIY, yes, but not when thought and craftsmanship goes into it. If slap four wheels on a wood pallet and call it a coffee table I can see why DIY can get a bad rep but if you put some thought into it it can be something quite unique and clever and attractive.
The Meltdown Countdown

So it ends. The meltdown is starting today but no one can say what the road conditions will be like so we have another work closure. I am hearing people are tired of this weather and are ready to go back to normal routine, but how often does this happen up here so I will be enjoying another day of this, and have been enjoying a five day vacation. It is hard to travel in this weather when you are not equipped so don't make fun of us LA Times. Though, I think this is pretty hilarious.

I think that I will be able to get my Wonky Block quilt sandwiched and stitched this weekend-- if I can decide how I want to top stitch it.

Bread is proofing and almost ready for the oven.


Day Two

Was blessed with another snow closure. It snowed most of the day, and they said it would turn to rain. I hear that will be happening Saturday. Spent the day quilting, eating and not thinking about work.

I am hedging that tomorrow will turn in to a one day work week... as in I only went to work on Tuesday so I prepped so dough for baking bread tomorrow.


Winter Storm 2012

Winter White Out 2012. Does anyone ever grow out of the excitement of a snow day? My coworkers and I are just as giddy, if not more so, about impending snow closure as any class of school kids.

With all this free time I have been going through my posts and realized that I have had this blog for 8.5 years! Really?!


Wonky Stars

64 2.5" squares
throw pillow in the making