So you can knit...

Just because you can knit doesn't mean you can write a knitting book. The book stores are filled with so many BAD knitting books! Apparently people are spending their time knitting these hideous patterns because there are so many of these books!! Do you really need a knitted coffee cozy? And you need instructions on how to knit a two inch tube? Really?!


Cabled cardigan with shawl collar

Cabled cardigan with shawl collar
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From VK Fall 2006. I used Elann Peruvian Chunky in Chocolate Truffle. The sleeves are very long, but rolling the cuffs did the trick. I'm not too crazy about my choice of buttons. It is hard to find dark brown buttons!

it was a quick and easy knit except for the collar. It took some time, and how fun is it to knit ribbing? Not much!


A close finish

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I called all the LYS to find an extra ball of the the Yorkshire Tweed but noone carried the yarn anymore. One local online store did have a supply so I worked all day to finish the collar to find out if I really needed it. Luckily I was able to finish with 43 inches of the yarn to spare!! The collar is actually one row less than what the pattern called for... can you tell? Probably not.