I Lurv Cali

It is so pretty! We had great weather all week long. Our trip to Monterey was spectacular because of the sun and temperature. When I win the Mega Millions Lotto this is where you can find me!

I visited a few yarn stores in between. First was Fengari in Half Moon Bay. This is a nice store with a large selection. They had lots of resources which is great, but I didn't find the IK back issue I am hunting for, the Summer '03. Yarnfibers has been talked up a bunch, but I was sort of underwhelming by it. I was expecting a lot more than I experienced. It most likely because handpainted, variegated yarn isn't really my thing. The discount room was disappointing. I did purchase two skeins of Siam, thin and thick silk; and I was planning a scarf with it but now I don't know if I want to do that. Then I stopped by Imagiknit. Now this is my kind of store! Two full rooms stacked with yarn from floor to ceiling, literally. The owner said she likes to stock a bit of everything so that everyone goes away with something. And boy, did they have a bit of everything!! If I lived in SF this would be my regular haunt!! They even have Phildar. The resource/pattern selection was over flowing, and the yarn was categorized by weight and brand. Two thumbs up for the selection, welcoming vibe and organization of the yarn. Nothing worse than a yarn shop arrange by color!! Such was the decor of Knitting by the Sea in Carmel. Man, I have not seen a pattern selection that was so sparse. Yarn arranged by color, what's up with that? I guess not too many people in Carmel knit. Too bad for them!!

Also, I went to Britex. Four flours of gorgeous fabrics!! An entire floor devoted to notions and trimmings!! Loved it. I wish I could afford the beautiful Liberty fabrics they carried, also, the silk prints. Again, when I win the lotto...when I win the lotto...


Vacation, all I ever wanted...

golden gate
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Aah, enjoying the beauty that is Northern Cali. Tomorrow is the LYS crawl, Britex and H&M.


Drops patterns are now in english. Yay!! I can finally make that sweater I have been trying to translate for the last three years.


I would rather be knitting and wathcing the Winter Olympics on CBC*.

* Why the CBC? Because we are close enough to the border that the cable company provides it. Because it so much better than NBC's broadcast. Because unlike NBC, who make you wait until midnight before showing the good footage from the day, CBC broadcasts live.


This may actually work

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That's right, this one may actually fit. Fingers crossed.

twist top redux

twist top v2
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Here is the twist top altered for a better fit. Blah! That about sums up this project for now.



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I am back for more punishment. Yes, another Adrienne Vittadini. This Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is from another frogged AV project hence the uneven stitches due to the crimped yarn.


cable tank

cable tank
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Urgh!! I hit the wall with this one. I've never knit anything that fit so poorly on me. I swear the gauge was right on, and I'm not sure if blocking would have helped. That twisted knot on the front is about as big as one of my boobs!! Not a look that is in this season. I frogged it all and am trying again with modifications. No more lace panels, which now has been replaced with cable panels, so the design is cable and ladder stitches. I made it back up to the twist front and have accommodated for the twist so that there is more length for the twist to be less bulky. With all that I now have lost interest and have no desire to work on the back piece.