Long time knitter. First time user.

So, to get myself out of this "knitting staleness" I went and purchased some Addi needles. Yes, all these years of knitting and I have never bought the needles until now. Wow! Okay, I totally get it. I'm a convert. So far the only place I can find that sells them at a somewhat affordable price is my LYS on Brooklyn Ave.

American Idol is over. Colonial House is all wrapped up. Lenny has left the precinct. What's left to watch? How long until Amazing Race?



People blog about practically everything they do... and sometimes they just shouldn't. Case in point. Three years in that city and I heard lots of crazy stuff but she's just too gross for words.


I have ennui*

Can't get my creative juices flowing. Sort of bored with the projects I have going. I can't seem to find any new projects to get excited about.

*Gotta love him.


I want satisfaction

I've discovered the joy in having multiple projects. Last month I was in a frenzy to knit Polka Purl Dots. There was sort of a snag at the start due to poorly written directions for the cast on, just my opinion, and then there were the 200+ stitches to knit. It was a little daunting. I stuck with it up to the armhole shaping where I diverted to another project. Now I'm back at it, and it's knitting up so fast! I am down to only one armhole. And I just picked this up again last night. This is the fun of having multiple projects. When one project gets to be tedious toss it aside and do something else, then come back later to finish it. What satisfaction! Such feelings of accomplishment.


Why? Why not?

Atkins dieters look away! This is your worst nightmare. I attempted to make pie, and not just any old pie but Mock Apple Pie. Yes, why use the real stuff when you can pretend it's the real stuff. I read one of Jeffrey Steingarten's books and was fascinated with his description of Mock Apple Pie. No apples just lots of carbs and LOTS of carbs. Apparently it is adapted from a very old recipe dating back to the Civil War when dry goods were more readily available than perishables like apples. It's quite simple really. All you need is pie crust, sugar, water, Ritz crackers, lemon juice, lemon rind, cinnamon, and lots of butter. They used soda crackers and vinegar back then. Make a syrup with sugar and water pour over the crackers and bake. Does it taste like Ma's apple pie? Well...Jeffrey Steingarten proclaimed it to taste amazingly like the real thing. Mine tasted like apple-lemon pie. Good? Different...but pretty good with vanilla ice cream. I put in lemon zest when it called for lemon rind, I think there is a difference, just not at the time. Also, I must have used too much syrup. The directions said to pour syrup over crackers but didn't specify how much of the liquid there is remaining after left to boil for 15 minutes. Like he said why would you want to make this if not just for the sheer miracle of it?

And we're on to something else...

Here's the skirt I finished hemming last night. It looks better on the dress dummy. Quite fun to sew, but a bitch to hem because of the godets. It makes the hem dip unevenly so I had to trim it freehand. I don't think I will be making this again.

Hilltop Knit had a sale today. I guess it was one day only. I headed over at lunch and didn't find anything! It was still expensive with the sale discount. Bleh.



New Phildar freebies. Two new patterns out today.


Finishing continues

Another day another finished project. I sewed some buttons, put in some button holes, and did some hemming. True to the Budget Living philosophy I made my own blouse, not my own but a Kwik Sew pattern that is very similar the real thing, that was inspired by their cover. The hemming is not quite done, so no pics today.

There are signs of knitting in all this sewing. I may redo this because I did it in 2x1 rib instead of the specified ribbing the instructions called for, it's something like seed ribbing, and it may be too snug. Also I have my eyes out for yarn to make the cute raglan sweater from Interweave, not the ballet inspired one but the pink one with the cropped sleeves.


Procrastination be gone

I'm great starting projects but I fall short in the finishing department. This is especially true when it comes some of the sewing projects. There are several items waiting to be worn but I can't without getting the buttons on or the hem finished. Today I got my act together and finished Dotty T! Feast your eyes on this baby! She's done. Dotty T is ready for a forcast of 70 degrees and clear skies.


Who are these cuties?

I headed south last weekend to visit my nephews. Are they cuties or what? The little one celebrate his first birthday.

We went to Edelweiss Deli to get some Kinder eggs. Can you believe that they were out of Kinder Uberraschung? Now I'll have to wait until Christmas to get my fix. Well, unless my friend's little sister remembers to fill her suitcase with them when she comes over in June. Don't let me down, Steffie!

I started another knitting project. That's right, at this rate I will never finish anything. It's almost summer and this calls for a tank (Chevron Tank from Interweave). Crap, I've been away from my desk all day and need to check if there is a new Phildar freebie.

I do not like the new Blogger editing format. Can you tell I have a low tolerance for change?


Reporting in...

Another busy week and not much progress on Polka Purl Dots.

Heading down to PDX for the weekend. Tax free yarn shopping. Yea! The best part is I get to see the little cuties.