Alpaca...so warm and fuzzy.

These are so soft and warm I never want to take them off.

I started out knitting with scarves and socks so many years ago, then I got to the point where I wanted a challenge and couldn't stand to look at any socks or scarves. I moved on to baby sweaters, cable sweaters, felting, and even underwear! I dove into buying bags of yarn at a time for one project. Lately I've been having so much fun knitting up scarves and socks. I haven't touch any complicated projects since early December. I've even ventured into novelty yarn. The horror!!! I even made a fun fur scarf for myself!! It's gotta be some sort of regression.



We have a scanner/fax/copier/printer. Fun!! I can now scan in all my old pics. Here's one I scanned this weekend.

The nicest smelling cat in England.

(S)He smelled like (s)he had been trudging through the flowers. I found him in the Kew Gardens one Spring day.

Knitting update: Alpaca socks almost finished. Waiting for the Elann shipment to arrive (Ha, when I say shipment it sounds like I've got a truckload of stuff coming!!) to start on some scarves. I've tried to resist so called novelty yarn, but it's got me. I've been sucked in.


Chocolate and Knitting

Coffee and knitting: it's been done. Tea and knitting: it's been done. What about chocolate and knitting? Now that is a good idea!! Someone should open and knitting and chocolate shop. Wow, it would be perfect.


Trying to convince a certain member of the household that sports and crafting is a natural combination.


Chocolate treat of the day.

Mozart Ball: marzipan covered in a layer of milk and dark chocolate.


The Christmas Market in Frankfurt was a bit crowded.

People come to drink the gleuwein. (this is actually the apple wine cider special to Frankfurt)

It is true that you can get anything anywhere nowadays.

der Christbaum


I should have kept this for myself...

It's sized to warm someone else's feet. Darn it, I should have gotten an extra skein.

Look at what I tried last night.

He had a rough flight over, but it was yummy all the same. Inside is two layers of white cream and hazelnut chocolate.

So, you've had this before, I'm sure.

But have you had these??

Oh, didn't I show you the booty I brought back? (A bit of the left was cropped.)

Happy long weekend!!


mee too! mee too!

There must be some sort of knitter vibe going on because when I got back from vacation I saw that the knitting blog universe has gone gaga for socks. I too have been into sock knitting. I am a magic loop convert. Try it. You'll never want to go back to those double points again.

While on vacation I tried to find some knitting shops to visit and was lucky to stumble onto two. Both by mere chance. Small. They aren't into knitting over there. My friend's mom, a knitter herself, said that not too many people do it. I decided against buying yarn for big projects-- not enough room in the luggage for all that yarn, so I opted for sock yarn. I bought enough for four pairs!! Prices were really good.

Pre Holiday sock knitting:

für mein mann

für mich allein

Post Holiday sock knitting:


Finally sorted some 300+ pics.

Here's Bonn and the Rhine on New Year's Eve. Night looks better than day. Grey and overcast all the time. Like I never left home. It did snow twice during my visit, but like here it doesn't stick around for long.

(four pics stitched together)


Hallo, Wie geht's?

What a nice break from reality. So glad I was able to take a break, and am glad to be back. Should be trying to catch up on work... oh well. Ate too much, drank too much, and bought too much chocolate. Well, I suppose it's not possible to buy too much chocolate. I did have to buy an additional piece of luggage for the trip home.

Pictures this weekend when I have time to download and sort through them.