Here we go again

On the verge of finishing Pistachio Peace, just need to make the button loops and purchase the buttons, I am starting another project pour moi. When is it ever not? If the weather cooperates and stay cool and delightful I may be able to knit with wool in the summer. I find the name odd, Carpenter, I don't know why they named it such. It is a mock turtleneck with a cute belt looping around the bottom just above the ribbing. Trying to not buy yarn in the coming month just hoping yarn from my stash will keep me happy for July.

Last night I organized my pattern "library" and ran across a VK magazine from Summer 1999 and notice some very cute tanks. Very Phildar like.

Crap, half the year is over! What the heck have I accomplished!


Phildar Freebie

New freebie at Phildar site. Cute child sweater with slanting shoulder zipper.



How to make a pknitty

3 parts competetiveness

5 parts self-sufficiency

3 parts beauty
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lovability


Hot weather and hot sweater

I'm almost done with this one. Just finished the last sleeve and wanted to get a pic posted.


Pretty pink and girlie things

A nice little gift from loving relatives.

Another week and almost another sweater. Pistachio Peace is from that great tome of Rowan patterns. A second attempt at the pattern. One of the reason I purchased the book was because of this pattern. Last summer I toiled away at it trying to get the right gauge with yarn that was too thin. I was determine to use this yarn and for some reason I couldn't accept that it wasn't going to happen. So, convincing myself that blocking would make it fit I knitted up all the pieces, seamed it, and became totally unsatisfied with it. Left the darn thing sitting in the basket for about a month, and couldn't bear to put buttons on it knowing it didn't look right: uneven stitches from too large of needles and too small of a fit. Frogging was the only option to erase any evidence of this disaster.

This time around I found the proper yarn to get to the proper gauge, and by George, I think I got it. Knitting the front and back as one piece seems to be the way to go. I really like this method of avoiding side seams. The fewer the seaming the better I say! Same goes for the sleeves.


Better left unsaid?

It seems to me that I get things knitted up faster if I don't post too much about its progess. Don't know why. Cabaret Pullover from the lastest Interweave was knitted in the round. Since there is no increase on the body piece it took no time at all to finish. It could also be the Addi needles I used...who knows. Finishing instructions is open to interpretation. It says to pick up 100 stitches for the collar, okay. Then it says to knit two rows and bind off, I don't think so. If you knitted two rows you would get that curly-rolly edge, nothing like the photo. So I improvised; purl one, knit one, and did a purl bind off. To make it fit me I shorten the length about an inch on the body and arm pieces.

Okay, now on to another project that I shouldn't say too much about or it will never get done. Ha.


Freebie Alert

Phildar has a couple of new freebie patterns out there. The tube top avec straps is cute. Guess it's not a tube top if it has straps.

What's the deal with Patternworks? I ordered some yarn a week ago and I still have not seen it! Aargh!

Craigslist...love it and hate it. Love that you can get furniture in your area without shipping costs involved, unlike Ebay where you most likely would have to pay for shipping. Hate that people post items on Craigslist that are over $200 and don't post pictures! Come on, if you are going to try to sell it for that much at least entice me with a picture.


Back in the Saddle

My creative genie came back. She took a mini break to get some needed rest. Upon her return she helped me with a few projects. First was finishing this little dress, then it was on to the Polka Purl Dots, not completely finished, and then she helped me zip through this baby over the last several days. If you haven't used Schachenmayr Aurora go to Elann and get some now! This is great stuff. I've been known to turn my nose up at acrylic, but when it's combined with other natural fibers it can be terrific.

Oh yeah, this weekend 36 factors aligned to create some of the lowest tides in 19 years over here. We went over to the beach to check it out. Take a look at this. Saw lots of sea anemones, hermit crabs and squirting clams hiding under the mud.