Back in the Saddle

My creative genie came back. She took a mini break to get some needed rest. Upon her return she helped me with a few projects. First was finishing this little dress, then it was on to the Polka Purl Dots, not completely finished, and then she helped me zip through this baby over the last several days. If you haven't used Schachenmayr Aurora go to Elann and get some now! This is great stuff. I've been known to turn my nose up at acrylic, but when it's combined with other natural fibers it can be terrific.

Oh yeah, this weekend 36 factors aligned to create some of the lowest tides in 19 years over here. We went over to the beach to check it out. Take a look at this. Saw lots of sea anemones, hermit crabs and squirting clams hiding under the mud.

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