Feeling accomplished.

I've been tooling around not really feeling the inspired knitting thing. This is my second month of the year of not buying yarn. I've got a few days left before I can say I was truly disciplined this month. So, finishing this was a good feeling. Three nights, three skeins plus of Elann's Peruvian Baby Alpaca. The soaking and pinning method worked great. No iron was used to block this baby.

More sewing.

Covered in fantastic plastic.

Look, I employed the flat bottom technique.

Body crayons, a two year old, and a touch of cabin fever. I couldn't help it. I swear he said I could do it. Elvis style mutton chops were later added.


Have I been kicked out of the ring? Whatever.
I've been in a slump. Not feeling any of the summer knitting. I'm working
on some socks and another Flower Basket Shawl. The thought of taking on a
garment-type project of any kind has no appeal at this time. I a quick
gratification project. Also, something sort of mindless, not too much
planning and think involved, basically, a good project to veg out with.


Sorry no knit pics right now. I worked on something than decided I didn't like the pattern and took back the un used yarn. And it turned out I didn't care for the color I picked. Three quarters of the way done with the AV tank, but got really bored with stockinette stitches and have put it aside for the time being. Started something new, and I take pics when I have progressed a further than where I am now.

On to the wristlet. I've gotten back to sewing after a long hiatus. Here's a little wristlet I made tonight while watching The Life of Brian. I had this idea in my head for a while and saw several bloggers make some, and now I finally put my thoughts to the machine. I think I will use it to carry around my camera.