I'm taking a break for the time being. Still committed to finishing my cardies.


Full Frontal

This is a G rated frontal shot. It's a little fuzzy. I'm 60% done! I estimate that by the end of the month the cable cardi should be done and in time to wear for T-day.

I'm thinking of making another jacket, it would be for my SIL, it's something she would love. The project is quick so it won't take too much time awat from my other projects. Btw, got rave reviews yesterday when I wore the jacket. People love the tie closure.

I went to Pacific Fabrics today and saw this beautiful wool tweed fabric in red, perfect for a blazer or skirt, aarghh, it is $35.00 a yard!!! Not as bad as the Burberry fabric I saw for $55.00 a yard. Looks like their next sale is Thanksgiving weekend, and I won't be in town for it.


I'm so connected

Internet connection back up. Woo woo!

Here's my weekend side project. All you Phildar lover's out there do you recognize it? That's right it's from the fall magazine. I decided not to use buttons but ties instead, and it turned out rather nicely. It's very thick and warm. What yarn did I use? cheapo Homespun-- double strand. If you don't like Homespun, it's not my favorite, either. I saw some Stahl Falkland at Elann. Looks like it would be another good substitute to Astrakan.

I knitted the jacket with size 13 form my Denise Intercheangable Needles. I'm falling out of love with these. Does anyone else have a problem with the needles being too short? It gets uncomfortable to knit with them after a while, especially when you are doing and all day knitting marathon like I did. Hard to hold because the connector rest at the edge of my palms and they get bent out of shape causing the yarn to snag.



Was so excited this weekend to have finished a project. It was on size 13 needles, so I thought I could finish in two day. And I did! Took my pictures, uploaded the camera, was about to get my pictures on line... and wouldn't you know it the internet connection is kaput (Damn you, Comcast!), on top of that the computer was acting like it has the flu. So slow it's ridiculous. I can't show my side project.

On a happier note there is a new Phildar pattern at the website. Looks very similar to ChicKnit's Ribby .

My comment board provider is on hiatus, I think. I don't know, they said they are getting a new server and that was announced in early September. Feel free to use the tagboard.



I'm really into Phildar patterns. The website has free patterns, and looks like they change oftern. Look for the "modeles gratuits" link on the right side. In addition to the main site they have a webzine with more free patterns. Look for the link on the right that reads "espace tricot." Oh, some of these patterns are from their magazines. It's an issue if you don't know french at all. I can understand a minimal amount and comprehend some of the instructions. If it's too complex I use this. Yarnageddon had this link on her site the other day. This should solve any language issues.

In knitting news, I started the front pieces for the stripe cardi. It's kind of a hassle since I am knitting both at once and there is a multitude of yarn to deal with. The striping, the doubling of yarn, etc. The cable cardi is going well. I am almost to the armhole shaping for the front pieces. I haven't timed myself knitting the cables but noticed that while watching tv and doing the pattern it takes a looong time to start and finish the sixteen rows of the pattern. More than a 45 minutes. Not complaining since I'm happy with how it's turning out. I love cabling! Since we are on the topic of cable knits I love the sweater fluffa has made.

I found this cool site. Something to bookmark.