I'm so connected

Internet connection back up. Woo woo!

Here's my weekend side project. All you Phildar lover's out there do you recognize it? That's right it's from the fall magazine. I decided not to use buttons but ties instead, and it turned out rather nicely. It's very thick and warm. What yarn did I use? cheapo Homespun-- double strand. If you don't like Homespun, it's not my favorite, either. I saw some Stahl Falkland at Elann. Looks like it would be another good substitute to Astrakan.

I knitted the jacket with size 13 form my Denise Intercheangable Needles. I'm falling out of love with these. Does anyone else have a problem with the needles being too short? It gets uncomfortable to knit with them after a while, especially when you are doing and all day knitting marathon like I did. Hard to hold because the connector rest at the edge of my palms and they get bent out of shape causing the yarn to snag.