diagnal stitch

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Woot! Woot! My first Adrienne Vittadini pattern completed from the Spring 05 book. I am surprised that the pattern worked out as well as it did considering the many disasters that came before. I have started many a patterns from the AV books and for some snaffu with the yarn substitute I used it never worked out. This one was knit with Elan's Baby Cashmere. Doubled for the body and single strand for the sleeves. It is the same color as my Lace and Tuck Ensemble. Didn't plan to knit two of the same colors in a row but this diagnal stitch pattern was sitting around waiting to be finished and I was on roll with the Lace and Tuck. Now I'm on a roll with AV patterns because I have two more on the needles.



I've got my agenda so why don't I start bloggin' already? Been really, really busy... and disctracted. I have been knitting in between. If you are interested take a look. I have to update that too. There are a couple of projects that need seaming, and the only time that I can do that is on the weekend when I'm at home during daylight hours to catch some good light. Did you see? I finally got to tackle the Lace & Tuck Ensemble from IK Fall 2004. The pattern has been in the back of my mind for years. I kept putting it off so some reason. It is like the fifth project I've made from that issue. Hands down my favorite issue. Speaking of good, I want the Summer 2003 issue that none of my LYS has anymore. I want so badly to make that Veronik Avery summer cable.

Doesn't casting on 70 stitches for the back side of a sweater seem like a lot when the stitch guage is 3.25/inch? And this is the smallest pattern size. I recently discovered this knitting ratio thing on a blog I was browsing through. I have to find it again!! God, I hate it when I lurk and open like a zillion blogs that look interesting and forget to bookmark the ones I want to visit again.



I just need to simplify. A place to type out a few words and post some pictures. My goal this year is to keep it clean, clear and simple.