I've got my agenda so why don't I start bloggin' already? Been really, really busy... and disctracted. I have been knitting in between. If you are interested take a look. I have to update that too. There are a couple of projects that need seaming, and the only time that I can do that is on the weekend when I'm at home during daylight hours to catch some good light. Did you see? I finally got to tackle the Lace & Tuck Ensemble from IK Fall 2004. The pattern has been in the back of my mind for years. I kept putting it off so some reason. It is like the fifth project I've made from that issue. Hands down my favorite issue. Speaking of good, I want the Summer 2003 issue that none of my LYS has anymore. I want so badly to make that Veronik Avery summer cable.

Doesn't casting on 70 stitches for the back side of a sweater seem like a lot when the stitch guage is 3.25/inch? And this is the smallest pattern size. I recently discovered this knitting ratio thing on a blog I was browsing through. I have to find it again!! God, I hate it when I lurk and open like a zillion blogs that look interesting and forget to bookmark the ones I want to visit again.

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