Pet peeve #1: People with no sense of other's personal space. For example,
you place some of you belonging a chair next to you at a nearly empty
table, and then these people ask you to move your belonging so that can
squish up next to you. Pick a seat, any other seat! Or when they come in,
place their stuff in your work space, take off their coat and hat, and look
around for a place to hang it without asking or getting the okay to do so.
Ask or just keep a socially accepted distance until I get to know you


The US dollar has sank even lower against the Euro!! It is now $1.35 to one Euro. I'll be lucky if we can buy train ticket from the airport to Bonn.

Again, I didn't make it over the bridge while I was in PDX to visit all the
cool shops. It's strange because we don't really do anything while we were
down there, and yet I didn't have anytime to go wander either. Yarn Market
reorganized, and it looks really nice. All the books and needles are in one
room, and they re-organized the yarn the other three rooms.

Multiple projects make for slow progress on finishing. I was only able to
finish one sock this past weekend. The man sweater is slowly knitting up.
Dang, the pattern is getting boring, and I still have to start the arms. I
also started Brier from Rowan 36, and have not touched it in a week. Plus,
I started another Flower Basket Shawl with fingering yarn that will
undoubtedly take a while to finish.

Martha's not so bad. I found this pattern on her website. I was able to find some Melton Wool while I wasin PDX, and felt it to get it thicker. Still was not as thick as the 1/8inch thickness she called for. Maybe I should have used wool coating. (I've searched high and low for 1/8 inch wool and cannot find any place that sells this stuff.) Normal copiers only enlarge to about 290%, so I had it
enlarged at Kinko's on the blue print copier, this baby will copy anything
at any size to about 400%. I made size 6.5, normally I would go for 7's,
and even the 6.5 were large after I finished. Also, she has this adorable pattern for baby slippers.


Gobble Gobble

It's PDX for the rest of the week. Maybe the last one. It all depends on where
the big bro' lands next summer. So, it will be a weekend of dominoes,
movies, gluttony, slothness, and fun with the little ones. Also, I will try
to take advantage of the no sales tax thing they've got going down there.
Need a new carry-on for December's trip (let the countdown begin!), get the
nephews their Christmas gifts since they will be on the other Coast this
year, and maybe check out some other yarn store besides Yarn Garden. I love
that place. Never had a bad experience with the staff as I have with the
various LYS here. They carry tons of pattern books, and the yarn selection
is great. For the longest time I've been meaning to go to Lint, but can't
never get myself over the bridge. I've only explored the eastside.

Stuffing or Turkey? This is the great debate. I vote stuffing. A really
good stuffing can be better than the bird itself. Because she's sticking to
her trusted recipe my sister in law is not willing to try brining, and it's
her house we are going to so I can't shove her aside and demand we brine the
bird. So, if I ever taste turkey that has been brined I might switch sides
in the stuffing vs. turkey debate. Apple sausage stuffing is so good
covered in some hot gravy. Or my mom's stuffing with ground pork and
shitake mushrooms, also a delicious choice. Makes my mouth water as I write

A parting shot of yarn.


For the first time ever, I have pain in my hands from knitting. Please,
please don't make it last too long. I don't want any chronic pain that I
have to manage. It's just too horrible to think about.


Why is there even a work week this week? Some one must have done a study on
the low worker productivity level during the week of Thanksgiving. Half of
America is already on vacation, and the other half is sitting in half empty
offices trying to figure out the what the heck is going on because the other
half is gone. Unless you work in the travel industry I'd say you are
watching the clock all day long. Just make the entire week a holiday.
Instead of the day after Thanksgiving sales there could be an entire week of
sales. There could be count down sales with the day after Thanksgiving
being the mother of all sales. Think how much of a boost the economy would
have if people had an entire week to go out and shop. Monday, Tuesday, and
especially Wednesday are really pointless, I say.
Wool/Mohair Shawl Redux

To date I have made six Flower Basket Shawls, and there are plans for more.
Since I have already worn one of them I will be keeping it for myself. I
made it from a thick wool/mohair yarn on size 10 needles, and not knowing
what yardage I needed to complete the project my plan was to knit until yarn
ran out. This plan of action did not give me that nice fringe-y edge. On
Saturday I decided to redo the edge, and what a bitch it was to frog mohair!
I frogged eleven rows, and had barely enough to complete the edge. Well
worth it. I like much better now.


I get the feeling that Phildar doesn't much care about their site. They
haven't updated the knitting magazines in a while. You can't access the
latest pattern from the winter Irlandais magazine. They haven't put up
their winter magazines. I know they're out there. Please Phildar people
update the web site soon.


Angry Rant

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now.
Some people just don't know their boundaries. Get off your fucking power
trip, and stop trying to micro manage every detail. You don't fucking run
this department.


This is a blog about knitting, right?

The Man Sweater not to be mistaken with any Cosby Schweater.

They still make those, you know. Those hideous multi colored geometric patterned crewneck sweaters made famous by Dr. Cliff Huxtable.

You know I love all of you. Go and buy yourselves some books. Knitting books would be good, but you don't have to limit yourself. Enjoy! It expires Sunday.


Good news: your gums aren't diseased. You've done an excellent job taking care of your teeth and gums. Bad news: your bite may have shifted from nightly grinding, therefore causing gaps between your teeth, and you may need orthodontics, but your insurance doesn't cover adult orthodontics. Wonderful. Up to now I have always been admired for having naturally straight teeth. Never had to wear retainers, never went through the humiliation of being called metal mouth, never had much trouble at all, and only recently did I get my wisdom teeth (just the lower ones) removed. They weren't even protruding through the gums. The dentist was being cautious about taking them out because of the direction they were laying. When they were taken out I didn't even go under, just a local, and I didn't really need the codine. Just took them for the fun of having my own prescribed narcotics. Just kidding. Just say no. Drugs are bad.

As an adult I have to go through the hassle of getting my teeth straighten. Nothing worse than an adult with a mouth full of metal. Great, I get to pick food out of my teeth at work and in restuarants.

Darn Dollar

The dollar keeps falling against the Euro! One US dollar is worth only .77
Euros. This is not good at all for the trip. I won't have the spending
power, well, to spend. There goes the yarn buying frenzy, the chocolate
buying frenzy, the shoe buying frenzy, and general touristy conspicuous
consumption. Fooey!!

Did you know that it takes a looong time to get your returns processed at
Elann? They say it takes two to three weeks. Wow! And you know their
policy: no exchanges on return items. It's either buy yarn and pay now or
wait for exchange to be credited then buy yarn.


Secured a copy of the Winter Interweave this weekend. It was slightly
disappointing. The Fall issue was awesome. This issue isn't as enticing as
the last one. Too many accessories: mittens, hats, scarves, socks, ties,
and pulse warmers(?). A couple of the sweaters did not look appealing at
all. The only pattern I want to knit is the Tilted Jacket. Sideway
knitting sounds fun.

Public service announcement: Don't waste your time watching Kill Bill V.1 and V.2 if
you have not seen it and are considering. Stinks. Blows. Sucks. Just
plain bad. Still airing the house of the stench it left in the DVD player.


Fighting tempation

Yarn sale today at Pacific Fabrics. Actually, everything in the store was 25% off, and yarn was 15% off. It was hard to hold back, but I did it. I went away without any yarn. The reason being is that they price their yarn higher than the LYS I regularly visit. Not much of a discount. I did say that everything else was 25% off, didn't I? Books, needles, yada, yada... I got a copy of this. Yeah, it's cheaper on Amazon, but I didn't have to pay for shipping. Needles? They only carry Clover and Susan Bates. I hate those bamboo circulars.

Okay, the last one for awhile. I'm outta yarn. Waiting for my Elann credits to kick in before I can restock.

Wednesday Alpaca Shawl.


What's it worth to ya?

Here's my problem with these bargain hunters: frozen pizza and chicken nuggets. Yikes!! You're willing to feed this stuff to your family to save a few bucks. They did get it right about this being a hobby, because it takes time to hunt for deals. On the other hand you are loosing time to drive around looking for these deals. Two and a half hours a week to shop for groceries or every weekend driving around looking for $.49 jeans? Isn't that time better spent with your kids and husband. Finding a bargain can be fun, but somehow spending money on gas and all that energy to stockpile on tuna fish and
cereal doesn't seem all that worthwhile. Perhaps if they would give insight into the actual savings these people have made from their frugality. Do their kids have college savings? Are these people free of debt? How much do they save annually?


Shawl we take a look

Monday Alpaca Shawl:

Another Friday Alpaca Shawl:

From the looks of it everyone in the knitting blog world has made one, working on one, or will be making one. After five of these I know the pattern by heart. I can take this with me anywhere and not have to take along the chart. It's a wonder I don't dream about it.

Snark Attack!!!

The last few weeks I had been feeling particularly snarky. Of course it
peaked this week, but now I'm feeling bit more even and reasonable thanks to
Elann for sending me my huge box of yarn. It was the largest box of yarn I
have ever received. How can that not put a smile on a knitter's face. It's
Friday, and I can't wait to get home, watch a movie, and knit into the wee
hours. Yes, sad that I have no social life on a Friday night. Yummy,
there's barbeque chicken in the slow cooker today. Chicken and beer....

Some of things I was feeling snarky about:
-- Fucking election. What the fuck happened to the younger voters? Where were you?!! You've let those Fundamentalist take over!!
-- What is wrong with people that they want that idiot to run the country for another four ears?
-- What the hell is wrong with the party that they couldn't win this election, and they lost seats in Congress!!
-- If I don't ask about your friggin' kids it's most likely mean I don't give a shit!!
-- Lunch break implies that I don't want to discuss any topic related to work. Yes, it's called a break for a reason. Thanks. Next topic.
-- It's been less than a week since Halloween and there's already Holiday commercials. I can't look at another nondescript blonde child pretending to be wide-eyed, surprised, and delighted about the joy of the Holidays savings of 20% to 40% off before I've eaten my turkey dinner.
-- And many, many times I just wanted to say: FUCK OFF!


It's true that I haven't/can't design any knitting patterns, and should not judge too harshly on those who attempt it. Sheesh!!
I just saw on someone's site a sweater design they are selling that looks suspiciously like something J.Crew was selling many years ago. How do I know? Because I have that J. Crew sweater. It's just too similar to be coincidental. Shouldn't there be a footnote as to where the inspiration came from? Should one claim it as their own design? Okay, maybe J.Crew ripped it from someone else. People using each other's ideas is a common thing in the fashion industry. ABS comes to mind. He's got the gown made before the star has walked off the red carpet, but you know where idea came from. This appears different because someone is taking all the credit for the design.


Pknitty will be shrouded in black today because evil has prevailed.