Snark Attack!!!

The last few weeks I had been feeling particularly snarky. Of course it
peaked this week, but now I'm feeling bit more even and reasonable thanks to
Elann for sending me my huge box of yarn. It was the largest box of yarn I
have ever received. How can that not put a smile on a knitter's face. It's
Friday, and I can't wait to get home, watch a movie, and knit into the wee
hours. Yes, sad that I have no social life on a Friday night. Yummy,
there's barbeque chicken in the slow cooker today. Chicken and beer....

Some of things I was feeling snarky about:
-- Fucking election. What the fuck happened to the younger voters? Where were you?!! You've let those Fundamentalist take over!!
-- What is wrong with people that they want that idiot to run the country for another four ears?
-- What the hell is wrong with the party that they couldn't win this election, and they lost seats in Congress!!
-- If I don't ask about your friggin' kids it's most likely mean I don't give a shit!!
-- Lunch break implies that I don't want to discuss any topic related to work. Yes, it's called a break for a reason. Thanks. Next topic.
-- It's been less than a week since Halloween and there's already Holiday commercials. I can't look at another nondescript blonde child pretending to be wide-eyed, surprised, and delighted about the joy of the Holidays savings of 20% to 40% off before I've eaten my turkey dinner.
-- And many, many times I just wanted to say: FUCK OFF!

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