The US dollar has sank even lower against the Euro!! It is now $1.35 to one Euro. I'll be lucky if we can buy train ticket from the airport to Bonn.

Again, I didn't make it over the bridge while I was in PDX to visit all the
cool shops. It's strange because we don't really do anything while we were
down there, and yet I didn't have anytime to go wander either. Yarn Market
reorganized, and it looks really nice. All the books and needles are in one
room, and they re-organized the yarn the other three rooms.

Multiple projects make for slow progress on finishing. I was only able to
finish one sock this past weekend. The man sweater is slowly knitting up.
Dang, the pattern is getting boring, and I still have to start the arms. I
also started Brier from Rowan 36, and have not touched it in a week. Plus,
I started another Flower Basket Shawl with fingering yarn that will
undoubtedly take a while to finish.

Martha's not so bad. I found this pattern on her website. I was able to find some Melton Wool while I wasin PDX, and felt it to get it thicker. Still was not as thick as the 1/8inch thickness she called for. Maybe I should have used wool coating. (I've searched high and low for 1/8 inch wool and cannot find any place that sells this stuff.) Normal copiers only enlarge to about 290%, so I had it
enlarged at Kinko's on the blue print copier, this baby will copy anything
at any size to about 400%. I made size 6.5, normally I would go for 7's,
and even the 6.5 were large after I finished. Also, she has this adorable pattern for baby slippers.

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