Gobble Gobble

It's PDX for the rest of the week. Maybe the last one. It all depends on where
the big bro' lands next summer. So, it will be a weekend of dominoes,
movies, gluttony, slothness, and fun with the little ones. Also, I will try
to take advantage of the no sales tax thing they've got going down there.
Need a new carry-on for December's trip (let the countdown begin!), get the
nephews their Christmas gifts since they will be on the other Coast this
year, and maybe check out some other yarn store besides Yarn Garden. I love
that place. Never had a bad experience with the staff as I have with the
various LYS here. They carry tons of pattern books, and the yarn selection
is great. For the longest time I've been meaning to go to Lint, but can't
never get myself over the bridge. I've only explored the eastside.

Stuffing or Turkey? This is the great debate. I vote stuffing. A really
good stuffing can be better than the bird itself. Because she's sticking to
her trusted recipe my sister in law is not willing to try brining, and it's
her house we are going to so I can't shove her aside and demand we brine the
bird. So, if I ever taste turkey that has been brined I might switch sides
in the stuffing vs. turkey debate. Apple sausage stuffing is so good
covered in some hot gravy. Or my mom's stuffing with ground pork and
shitake mushrooms, also a delicious choice. Makes my mouth water as I write

A parting shot of yarn.

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