What's it worth to ya?

Here's my problem with these bargain hunters: frozen pizza and chicken nuggets. Yikes!! You're willing to feed this stuff to your family to save a few bucks. They did get it right about this being a hobby, because it takes time to hunt for deals. On the other hand you are loosing time to drive around looking for these deals. Two and a half hours a week to shop for groceries or every weekend driving around looking for $.49 jeans? Isn't that time better spent with your kids and husband. Finding a bargain can be fun, but somehow spending money on gas and all that energy to stockpile on tuna fish and
cereal doesn't seem all that worthwhile. Perhaps if they would give insight into the actual savings these people have made from their frugality. Do their kids have college savings? Are these people free of debt? How much do they save annually?

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