I bought more yarn this week. There's no way I can be weaned from amassing yarn. Though, I have stopped browsing on Ebay.

I was reading Super Eggplant's blog and noticed a link to this place. Kaffe Fassett prints! Not to mention tons of other great prints.

Progress on the French cable hoodie.

Not too shabby for being French illiterate. Okay, okay, no actual French words are involved in the cable chart.

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend. What is it XXXVII or XXXIV? Who can keep track. And why is it that in the last dozen or so Super Bowls one team dominates the game making it so boring to watch. The only thing keeping people tuned in are the commercials.


Elann Rules!

I love living so close to where Elann ships their yarn! I ordered my yarn on Sunday night and today I got it in the mail. Llama yarn...so soft.

This will be my first attempt at a Phildar pattern that has not been translated to English. The stripe cardi was translated by Anna. And this baby is from the Irlandais issue, not only is it in complicated French it's has a cable patterns-- yikes. I'm up for a challenge, though.



I did it. I felted my first project. My version of the Booga bag. Instead of Noro I used Lopi, and it felted quite nicely. This is a great project for those impatient with having to knit multiple pieces. This baby was basically one piece and it was a quick knit. The knitting took a week. The felting took two wash with several pairs of jeans, and yes, do use a pillow case or cloth a laundry bag (mesh bags, obviously, would defeat the purpose), the thing shedded like a persian cat! I'm waiting for it to dry before I shave it. As you can see it's very fuzzy so I added a lining to keep the fuzz off stuff I may put in the bag. I'm hooked I want to make another one. There is the Chicago Bag that is awfully cute.


Long time...

I'm back for a bit to post my FO. Let's see, it took about three months total. Started in September, worked part of October and picked it back up in late November. I did complete all pieces before 2004. (Patting myself on the back). It's my favorite project to date. I'm addicted to cabling. Got some projects from the Phildar magazine I want to start, and yes, it's the Irlandais issue... cables, cables, cables.

The photo of me is not as clear so click on it for a larger image.


Update on the Stripe(Phildar) cardi: All the pieces are completed but I haven't been motivated to weave in all the yarn ends. Can you blame me?

Right now I'm in the midst of the Rebecca Eyelet Pattern Sweater. Has anyone tried this, if so, can you explain the armhole shaping to me. Here is what the instructions say:

When work measures 30 cm bind off
for armholes at each end of every 2nd
row 3 sts. once, 2 sts. once and 1 st.
5 times (5 sts. once, 2 sts. twice and
1st. twice) = 62 sts.
When work measures 52(55) cm bind
off 14 sts. at each end once for
shoulders, slip 34 center sts. onto a holder
for neck.

The cast on stitches are 74 for the smaller size and 80 for the larger size, no increase stitches for the body. How can I end up with 62 stitches if I decrease as the instruction indicate?



Happy Easter!

Do you need a break from all those sweets? How about some sugar-free and calorie-free cupcakes.

Thanks to Action Hero for sharing the link. Unsure about the whole crocheting thing? Check out this site. They have instructional video clips.

An update on my lambic beer experience... I tried kriek, black cherry, last night. As good as kriek was I still favor cassis. I think the only one left to try is peach.

What's old is new again. Some great summer tops. Check out the "Bare to be beautiful" patterns. Wait for the expand button to appear and then you can enlarge the instructions.