I'm really into Phildar patterns. The website has free patterns, and looks like they change oftern. Look for the "modeles gratuits" link on the right side. In addition to the main site they have a webzine with more free patterns. Look for the link on the right that reads "espace tricot." Oh, some of these patterns are from their magazines. It's an issue if you don't know french at all. I can understand a minimal amount and comprehend some of the instructions. If it's too complex I use this. Yarnageddon had this link on her site the other day. This should solve any language issues.

In knitting news, I started the front pieces for the stripe cardi. It's kind of a hassle since I am knitting both at once and there is a multitude of yarn to deal with. The striping, the doubling of yarn, etc. The cable cardi is going well. I am almost to the armhole shaping for the front pieces. I haven't timed myself knitting the cables but noticed that while watching tv and doing the pattern it takes a looong time to start and finish the sixteen rows of the pattern. More than a 45 minutes. Not complaining since I'm happy with how it's turning out. I love cabling! Since we are on the topic of cable knits I love the sweater fluffa has made.

I found this cool site. Something to bookmark.