Better left unsaid?

It seems to me that I get things knitted up faster if I don't post too much about its progess. Don't know why. Cabaret Pullover from the lastest Interweave was knitted in the round. Since there is no increase on the body piece it took no time at all to finish. It could also be the Addi needles I used...who knows. Finishing instructions is open to interpretation. It says to pick up 100 stitches for the collar, okay. Then it says to knit two rows and bind off, I don't think so. If you knitted two rows you would get that curly-rolly edge, nothing like the photo. So I improvised; purl one, knit one, and did a purl bind off. To make it fit me I shorten the length about an inch on the body and arm pieces.

Okay, now on to another project that I shouldn't say too much about or it will never get done. Ha.

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