mee too! mee too!

There must be some sort of knitter vibe going on because when I got back from vacation I saw that the knitting blog universe has gone gaga for socks. I too have been into sock knitting. I am a magic loop convert. Try it. You'll never want to go back to those double points again.

While on vacation I tried to find some knitting shops to visit and was lucky to stumble onto two. Both by mere chance. Small. They aren't into knitting over there. My friend's mom, a knitter herself, said that not too many people do it. I decided against buying yarn for big projects-- not enough room in the luggage for all that yarn, so I opted for sock yarn. I bought enough for four pairs!! Prices were really good.

Pre Holiday sock knitting:

für mein mann

für mich allein

Post Holiday sock knitting:

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