Update in photos

Maybe it is blog depression because I have not been in the mood to blog. Certain events occur and makes me think about what I want out of life. At least I still have my knitting.

Acorn Camisole is knitted. Need to seam it. I wish these projects would seam themselves. Not sure what place would be appropriate to wear Acorn, it's a bit short and plunging

I have started two projects. One is another Flower Basket Shawl-- like you'd want to see another picture of this so I will spare all of you. The other is Brier from Rowan 36(?), I think. The plan is to go on a yarn diet so project my require yarn already purchased. With Brier I bought this stuff last winter. Next is to finish the Man Sweater from IK Fall 2004, the basketweave halfzip. Nixed the Pale Blue V-neck sweater from Rebecca. Lost interest, frogged it thinking I could use it fro an Adrianne Vittadini pattern, but didn't work out.

Scored a 40" Denise cord! F-ing long, man. I was ready to give these Denise needles up until I spotted the cord. The set I have came from Ebay and after a while I started to hate them because the cords and connectors were old and bent out of shape, and stitches would snag at the joint. I stopped using them for a long time. Now that I have this new cord I am thinking they maybe worth their money again.

We've lived in the same place for years and nothing ever happens around here with the exception of Fourth of July, but we are never here to deal with all that. Last week I heard all this ruckus coming from the alley, thinking there was a cat fight in progress (not actual alley cats, but the girly kind). Okay, I think to myself, a bunch of drunken twentysomethings fighting they should simmer down in a few minutes. Apparently not drunk girls but some sort of photo shoot. I think the photog found the dilapidated garage in the alley interesting as a background for the photos because they stayed there for a long time. Check out the lense on that thing. Not all were modeling, half were hanger-ons. Never found out what it was for...

Happy knitting. Normalcy will commence shortly.

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