everything i say has already been said. i just can't believe the ineptitude of FEMA and the Bush Administration. my god! how can you not know that hundreds of thousands of people are calling for help when it is broadcast on every channel, every hour for days? fuck! they think that anyone who didn't have the sense to get in their SUV and drive out of the city on Monday were just asking for it. hello, in a city where 30% of the population are poor not everyone had the means to get out. hey, let me get a round golf in before i get over to louisiana. what a fucker! and you wonder why people outside this country hate us? maybe because our government is run by a bunch of fuckers who is in it for their own interests. their attitude is basically: i've got mine, so fuck you if you can't help yourself. i mean, did you see that video clip of the able bodied tulane hospital staff being evacuated while across the street the charity hospital staff hover over a patient in critical care waiting for a helicopter to come to airlift this person out. did you see the disgust and anguish in the faces of the charity hospital staff? did you see the guy shaking his head in disbelief? this is exactly how the bush administration treats the other half.

fuck everyone of you who voted for him.

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