A shout out to all you peeps.

Hey, thanks to those who emailed me in the recent past-- all two of you. I am sorry I did not respond. I have to admit that I do not check that email accoutn on a regular basis, though it is my main non-work email. I prefer not to use work email to do non-work stuff (i.e. blog related stuff), if you know what I mean. My family email at work and such but that is about it.

At times I do lack blog ediquette; comment and not follow up on a response, or post and not follow up on a comment. I really do appreciate all comments and replies. Again, thanks writing.

Yesterday a blogger asked about the anonymity, or lack of it, of her readers who blog. Well, in my case I haven't told anyone outside this household of two about my blog. (And if anyone out there knows me, but I don't know that you are reading, please don't inform me. Let's just keep the relationship the way it is.) It's not that I write about extremely personal matters often, I hardly do, that I don't want to reveal who I am. I just like to express my creativity, sometimes my thoughts, and my opinions to noone in particular. I have always been that way. I'm an introvert and a lot of the times expressing myself to noone in particular is cathartic. And it is great to hear when readers feel the same way I do. Writing it out gives my issue a bit of a resolution. Sort of like: there I said it, I feel better now. I'm not the most expressive blogger, far from it, but typing out a few sentence that sometimes only I understand feels great. It is like after an encounter where you think of the world's greatest comeback. Maybe that's where my preference for anonymity comes in. Ha! There I go self diagnosing. It is a knitting blog, so I try to keep it about knitting and such.

This in no way says that I don't want to get to know other bloggers or that I would be anti-social outside the blogging environment. Just me saying why I like to write my blog anonymously.


On an unrelated note: Oh, those Londoners! Ever so... British, aren't they?

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