I started Tivoli and just frogged it. I read about curling curling edges so I decided to knit it in a purl and knit stitch pattern to avoid problem. Only thing is I don't like this stitch pattern. It was a diagonal purl stitch but looks more like seed stitch. Back to the reference books for ideas.

Kiri is done. Thumps up for this pattern. Very similar to Flower Basket Shawl. The pattern is not as open as FBS so it ate up four skeins of Peruvian Baby Silk. If you like FBS but don't want to knit another FBS, like me who has made six FBS, this is a definite recommend.

Thanks to Fidgety Budgie for reminding me about sewing a muslin model before cutting into the intended fabric. I had only done a muslin model once before, I'm usually not a patient person to do a trial run. Since this pattern has many pieces and no petite sizing I didn't want to rip and resew to adjust the fit on the real garment. I am glad I did a trial run even if there were no adjustments needed. Turns out that size 8 fits nicely! It would appear to be difficult with all the piece, but no it was straight forward. And the best thing about this is no buttons. For some reason really dislike putting in a button hole and sewing on buttons. Only down side is no lining. I may cut into the muslin model to draft a pattern for a lining. Aah, the satisfaction of a snag-free project.

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