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Just another inch to go and I should be able to cast off the collar. This pattern is really strange. The schematic measurements indicate a size that is really big for the normal small. Okay, substituted yarn but it was the same weight, and somehow it cam out to the standard size small. The Highland Chunky is really soft. I knit this up in the round; there is no waiste shaping which made it really easy. The slanted cable will cinch the waiste and give a nice shaped look; it's not elastic like the ribbing.

Has anyone notice that the Elann Highland wool stinks when wet. I know wool has a bit of wet dog smell when wet, but this stuff really, really smells. Also, this Urban Aran pattern can be easily converted to a zip down cardigan(I can't remember which blog I saw that did this with pretty nice results). Just move the center cables over a few stitches.

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