One last one

Wanted to get this in before the month is over. Finished Phildar cable hood-less sweater. Spent a few hours this weekend seaming her. I'm ho-hum about the final product; it would have been nice to have the hood but that would have taken about 5 or 6 skeins of Peruvian Uros that I don't have. This makes it the third finish-it-already-sweater for October. I'm crossing off three projects from the UFO list this month. Aah the feeling of accomplishment!!

How fast is Elann? Let me set the scene. It's Thursday night, and I am overcome with need for more yarn. Hanging in for a few more days without purchasing yarn for the month of October shouldn't be hard, I know. Then I thought, screw it, I want yarn. I select my yarn hit order Thursday night, just before primetime TV, thinking I will have a package waiting for me next week. Come Saturday, that's right, Saturday, hubby comes home at noon and hands me the usual USPS box. It took me a minute to register who it could be from. One day turn around. Unbelievably fast!!