It's beginning to look a lot like...


It's been many years since we've had a christmas tree. Don't know why. But the time has come and we got one this year. Since we don't have much space we opted for a little one. It is petite and adorable.

I finally get to hang ornaments I have collected over the years, and also, we trimmed the tree with non traditional items.

Yoda, Tiki mask, Snoopy and Obiwan Kenobi

Sitting on top of the tree are Ramona and Randy Reindeer. They are from Hallmark going back to the '80s when you could got them for a couple of bucks with a purchase of some cards.

I made an ornament to commemorate Christmas 2005.

For some reason felt and Christmas go so well together. I went crazy and bought tons of felt squares, and have only made the ornament and two stockings. Candy stripe stockings from felt squares. Real quick and simple: cut 1.5 inch strips, lay them on stocking shaped interfacing, iron interfacing to strips of felt, trim strips along the stocking shaped interfacing and sew both pieces wrong side together. Finally, sew on loop. To reinforce the loop, sew a stitch line along the edges of the loop.

Yes, yes, a pat on the back for me. I have finished 80% of the Christmas shopping. It is on the the cards. Why don't I ever keep a list of addresses for this? Every year we scrounge around for the addresses and inevitably someone is forgotten.

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