After several weeks of wanting to have a Saturday to putter around the house it finally happened. We decided to do most of our Saturday errands Friday night so we could have Saturday to ourselves. Left work at five on the dot and spent a couple of hours running our errands. Woke up this morning relaxed knowing I didn't have to get to the mall or store before noon to avoid the crowds. It's great, I need to do this more often.

More orange blossoms, the center is the felted one.

Threw these in the wash twice, and still too big for my size 7 feet. I used Cascade 220 following the instructions for a size small with double yarn, size 13 needles as instructed, yet they came out closer to size 8. I'll go back to felting with Lopi with the next pair

I spent most of the day working on my Soft Spot. It's not done, I need to purchase handles and one of those magnetic snaps. The directions doesn't indicate what weight of Sew-in interfacing to use and I debated using fusible interfacing thinking it would be stiffer allowing it to stand on its own once it was sewn. The heavy weight Sew-in does a good job. I'm thinking that circle bamboo handles isn't right with the fabric pattern, maybe plastic or metal rings is a better look.