Your vote counts...

even if you have a hard time recalling your candidate's name. My first time volunteering at a political event will be a memorable one. I'm manning the sign-in table for two precincts, and the first voter comes up to sign-in and register for her presidential preference. I tell her to write in her name, address, blah, blah, you know the usual voting info, and also to write in her preference. She stops before listing her candidate and looks up to tell me she can't remember the name of the guy she wants to vote for. Uh....well, what does his name start with I ask. Pause. It's a K she says, okay, there's two candidates who's names start with K. Then she says he's that senator...mystery solved. Then she asks what his first name is.

Aside from the funny start it was fun to see how the caucus worked. Lots of debating and community togetherness. The turn out was huge! The rules allows for only half an hour for everyone to come and sign in, obviously, this was not enough time with the turn out today. Doors closed as scheduled and everyone was allowed to sign-in before it got started. From what I heard there were more than folks who were confused by the rules. A Step by step outline of the process should have been written so anyone could take charge and carry out the election of delegates quickly and correctly. Anyway, I'm glad the turn out was so large. Let's hope it's the same in November.

Knitting is coming along slowly as is the case when you have too many projects going at once. The list is currently sweater, scarf, socks, sweater, sweater and bag. Of course all these project are fun but I don't make much progress because of the volume of items to knit. Also, I borrowed my mom's knitting machine to try out. I still have not gotten around to using it. Currently it's taking up space on the dining room table, a lot of space. Next up is spinning and German classes in the Spring. Not in any way related to one another just two other interests I want to pursue.