Picture this

It's show and tell time. Am now using my internet provider's photo storage account. Didn't even know I could get one. The price they charge for high speed connection I definitely deserve some bells and whistles. I was able to copy my photos from photonavy and relocate them to the new account. Photonavy is a great idea...but demand has exceeded supply.

The links in this weeks entries should work properly now. However, if you don't have time right at this moment to re-read my chatter then look over at the side bar, if you haven't alreay, most of the new projects are there. :->

Here is a peek at stripe cardi.

I painted our TV stand today, small little thing, and I can't believe it took so long! Guess how long, you'll never guess. Six hours, that's right, six hours. And I thought a couple of hours for sanding, priming, and painitng should do it. Ha! The piece has carved legs, the tops is framed with a raised border, yeah, lots of nooks and crannies to sand and paint. Note to self: use an electric sander on next painting project, or forgo the sanding, just prime and paint.

The kiddies are here this weekend. The older one is a bundle of energy. He's so fun. His mom tells us that he loves to watch the Food Network. A two year old who is into cooking is way cool.