Plum Crazy

I've gone plum crazy

Wow, last week flew by fast. There goes my plan to post at least once a week...oops.

Here are some reasons why I haven't posted.

Starting a new sweater.

Making a penny rug.

Playing with my new toy

On Saturday, yarn for the stripe cardie arrived from Holland. Yippee! Naturally, being the ever-patient person (pausing to laugh) I waited a whole day before starting this project.

I am seeing an unintentional motif in my knitting. Can you spot it? That's right, cardigans. Just call me a cardi girl. Okay, there was the ChicKami...

As I'm working on the cable cardigan I realize that I much prefer cable instructions describing the direction of the cable twist, as in left or right, rather than the placement of the stitches, you know, front or back. Also, I don't care for charted cable patterns, I prefer it be written. This must be because I learned cable knitting from Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting books.

Non-knitting news...Sunday's NYTimes has a listing of the Fall and Winter movies. Look on the right side under the heading titled Release Schedule.