Summertime Cowboy...

I declare Summertime Cowboy by Husky Rescue as my official summer song. They remind me of The Cardigans with a folksy instrumental edge. I love the art in the CD booklet. Watch the video.

Not that it looks or feels like summer this week; I love summer veggies no matter what.

These babies from the Edmonds Farmer's Market are the size of breakfast sausages. So sweet and crunchy!

Yummy fresh swiss chard ready for sauteeing.

Ooh, and tofu spinach salad with sesame soy dressing.

I am thinking this could be the Summer of My Stash Reduction. Be it yarn or fabric or anything else I've got piled, stored or hidden away.

One down. Adapted from IK Spring 04 Waving Lace Socks. M1 where directions say to YO. Made with Regia Silk. This stuff is nice. Why are all the nice socks always for some else?

Reduce that fabric stash. Make boxers.

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