Knit shots

Got a camera why not use it, right?  Okay, here are some shots of what I have been up to of late.  This sleeveless is such a rip off.  It's not for me.  A novice knitter was sucked in by some dubious LYS owner who said this would be easy to make.   What a rip off!  At $16 a ball and you have to use 6 balls to make it.  I think the owner was trying to make a quick  sale--  ya think?  Yeah, just because the pattern calls for less than 30 stitches does not mean it's easy when you have to use size 20 needles.  She gave up on trying to make it so I helped her out by knitting the thing.  It's heavy, like a pound of wool!  Okay, if you aren't use to knitting or even holding knitting needles size 20 is not something you should start with.  It's like knitting with broomstick handles.  New knitters would be more comfortable if they start knitting with size 8 or 10, makes the process feel more fluid.  Easy to hold and gives them a bit of confidence about the whole process.

Here's the big ass undies, and this is another pair that may actually fit.

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