Did you watch?

Did you see any of the DNC? Did you watch it on C-Span? Because that was the only to watch the convention. No talking pundits who like interject with comments as insightful as a door knob. That's right just the convention, and nothing but the convention. I even watched 20 minute of balloons and confetti falling! You bet it was exciting. Memorable moments of the convention (no, not speeches) as see through the C-Span camera lens: Cate Edwards looked eerily like M. Lewinsky last night introducing her mother; multiple shots of a skiiinnnnyyy Sarah Jessica Parker waving the flag from her box seat, why?; shots of her and hubby, Matthew Broderick, looking quite dweebish; P diddy and Norman Lear sitting together in their box seats; a camera shot of Chris Heinz behind his mother lifting a plastic cup filled with beer; Black Eyed Peas performing last night, that wasn't the weird thing, it was watching the Heinz and Kerry sons and daughters groovin' to the Black Eyed Peas, not a pretty sight; too many shots of anonymous young female democrats cheering to speeches and rocking to music. Aren't there any hot young male dems?

Don't forget to watch the Daily Show for a great recap of daily activities at the convention. Also visit JibJab for a good laugh.

I have voted in every local and national election, in person or by absentee ballot, since I was 18. Whether it is a levy or a president I cast my vote. Don't you forget to vote!

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