Chevron Tank (IK Spring 2004), you and I are not meant to be. It's not you it's me, babe. After a second attempt to knit you I have failed. I am sorry we couldn't work it out. You are not meant for me. I must move on and knit something better suited for me. ChicKami, we have a relationship, we can make it work. The two of us met last summer and it worked out really well, you knitted up like a breeze. How can I fault something knitted in the round? You're cute, come in two styles, have a lovely shape, and you and I look good together. We can make this work again, I know it. Let's go for it. :-) Yes, I know I have a commitment to Polka Purl Dots but I think we may not last much longer. From the beginning we didn't see eye to eye. Eventhough I tried to ignore what was apparent. She was too cropped and small, even for little ole' me.

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